Treasure Island

Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen

Poems of Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen

41. The Head's Loneliness 9/6/2013
42. The Lady's Banquet 9/11/2013
43. The Man 9/7/2013
44. The Party 9/5/2013
45. The Past of Meaning 9/5/2013
46. The picture of the Jack in the Playing Cards 9/10/2013
47. The Piper 9/11/2013
48. Theft 9/10/2013
49. Time Runs, Time drowns 9/5/2013
50. Very Happy Telegrams 9/7/2013
51. Waiting For my Beloved to Descend 9/9/2013

The Past of Meaning

The past came at the white dawn
Wearing a soiled hat
And a black dress.
The past came to streets that it knows
As a woman knows her hoopoe
And the place in which she submitted nightingales to death.

The past behind the door, is it …?
Easy as the ladder

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