(570 BC – 488 BC)

Poems of Anacreon

41. The Vintage 9/19/2012
42. The Women Tell Me Every Day 9/19/2012
43. They Tell How Atys, Wild With Love 9/19/2012
44. Thou, Whose Soft and Rosy Hues 9/19/2012
45. Three songs 11/27/2003
46. Upon Cupid 9/19/2012
47. Vulcan! Hear Your Glorious Task 9/19/2012
48. Wine and Song 9/19/2012
49. Wine the Healer 9/19/2012
50. Youth and Age 9/19/2012
51. Youthful Eld 9/19/2012

The Bee

Love, a Bee that lurk'd among
Roses saw not, and was stung:
Who for his hurt finger crying,
Running sometimes, sometimes flying,
Doth to his fair mother hie,
And O help, cries he, I die;
A wing'd snake hath bitten me,
Call'd by countrymen a Bee:
At which Venus, if such smart

[Hata Bildir]