Anonymous Olde English

Poems of Anonymous Olde English

201. Valentine and Ursine 4/7/2010
202. Verses 4/7/2010
203. Virelal 4/7/2010
204. Waly, Waly, Love Be Bonny. A Scottish Song 4/7/2010
205. Weep you no more, sad fountains 1/1/2004
206. Westron Wynde 4/7/2010
207. When Flora had O'erfret the Firth 4/7/2010
208. Willow, Willow, Willow 4/7/2010
209. Zepheria: Canzon. 1 4/7/2010

Beowulf (Episode 25)

"UNDER harness his heart then is hit indeed
by sharpest shafts; and no shelter avails
from foul behest of the hellish fiend.
Him seems too little what long he possessed.
Greedy and grim, no golden rings
he gives for his pride; the promised future
forgets he and spurns, with all God has sent him,
Wonder-Wielder, of wealth and fame.
Yet in the end it ever comes

[Hata Bildir]