Anthony Cavuoti

Anthony Cavuoti Poems

41. Dionysus 8/28/2015
42. Discontinuous Existence 8/9/2011
43. Dispel The Past Darkness. 11/11/2015
44. Do Not Wait 5/15/2013
45. Do You Rise To Or Do You Sink To 11/18/2012
46. Dyslexics Are 4g 8/8/2012
47. Each Of Us 8/9/2012
48. Each Of Us Is 9/23/2012
49. Each Time Is The Same Yet Different 4/16/2013
50. Embrace All Of Your Truth. 11/11/2015
51. Embrace You Truth 11/11/2015
52. Essence 9/2/2012
53. Eternity And Tomorrow 5/16/2012
54. Even If 8/19/2012
55. Every Time We Love Deeply 10/14/2012
56. Every Time We Love Sincerely 8/10/2011
57. Everyone Has Deep Issues 9/1/2012
58. Evil Masked As Family, As Friends, As Lovers, As Education, As Caring, As Importance, As Duty, A Salvation, As Race, As Good, As Love. 1/30/2013
59. Extended Family 11/6/2012
60. Facebook Is Heaven For People With Attachment, Intimacy Issues 9/9/2012
61. Fed Up With The Attitude Of A System Of Indifference 10/29/2011
62. Feel Sad, 11/8/2012
63. Fill Your Dream 5/13/2013
64. Find Your Own 5/15/2013
65. Flying Birds In The World Of Flightless Birds 6/12/2013
66. Fossilized Part Of Them Is Still Alive 12/11/2012
67. Found Even When You Hide. 6/2/2015
68. God Guides Each Of Us In A Unique Way 3/22/2013
69. God Saves Us Daily 12/10/2012
70. Good Dreams 8/15/2012
71. Great Beyond Anything We Know We Are 1/30/2013
72. Great Gift 10/25/2012
73. Greater Than Dionysus 8/28/2015
74. Hate It When 4/14/2012
75. Haunted By Lovely Memories 11/11/2015
76. Have You Ever Came Out Of Your Cellophane Wrapper 11/11/2015
77. Her Coffee Table 8/6/2015
78. Her Flagrant Decay Compounded Her Irresistible Enchanting Dark Powers. 10/19/2015
79. Her Future Self, Her Soul Would From Time To Time Chime In, Speak To Me 10/25/2015
80. Hide Go Seek. 10/16/2015
Best Poem of Anthony Cavuoti

Narcissism Is The New Normal.

Narcissism is the new normal. It is Now considered a sign of strength, of virtue

Like in Roman times, generosity is considered a pathology, A weakness.

If you do not Comment then this applies to you! ! ! ! !

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As You See

As you see, we never die. Change dimension, big transition, faster than prenatal unconscious aware instant. There you are, nice review, what you do, insight for you, light forever, yet beginning anew.

Great love, appreciation, intense feelings, powerful sublime emotion. I do not believe I am the best this time. I will love very strong. This time more discernment, incarnate into less anxiety.

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