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281. The Heart Is Larger And Greater Than The Mind 2/28/2013
282. The Insidious Side Of Cyberspace 12/13/2015
283. The Karma Of T Is Not The Karma Of C Or D 12/14/2013
284. The Lies We Tell One Another In Love Are Often More Real Than What Is True 5/21/2016
285. The Magic Of Life, Like Happiness Is The Byproduct Of 9/8/2012
286. The More I Try To Forget Her, More Deeply And Profoundly I Remember Her. 12/19/2015
287. The Most Precious Thing In This Life 12/1/2015
288. The Ocean Is More Than Any Oil Spill. 6/2/2013
289. The Risk Of Not Being One Self Is Too Great. 12/6/2015
290. The Same Force 12/26/2015
291. The Self-Destructive Parts Of Us That Are Augmented Out Of Miss Attunement, And Neglect, They Are Greatly Amplified And Exploited While The Healthy And Profound Aspects Of Us This 5/22/2013
292. The Sincerity Of Your Presence Never Fails 12/14/2015
293. The Things We Do 4/28/2013
294. The Was Sabbath Made To Serve Man Not Man To Serve The Sabbath 3/12/2016
295. The Ways I Hide From Life At Times And The Truth That You See In Me 11/12/2015
296. The White Album. The Voice Of 1968 Today 12/13/2015
297. Their Own Distortions 5/27/2013
298. There Are Demons That Torment All Of Us 8/10/2011
299. There Is No Middle Ground With Sexual Abuse It Is Always A Crime. 3/11/2016
300. There Is An Essence That Is Us 6/14/2014
301. There Is No Real Way, Sane Way, Healthy Way, 8/27/2012
302. Through Each Setback We Summons More Of The Depths Of Ourselves, 9/17/2015
303. Time Is How We Are Connected And Stretch Out Together. 11/19/2015
304. To Fall In Love Once Again 12/25/2015
305. To Give Your Child Room To Be 10/25/2012
306. To Life, Yes, Yes And Always Yes 12/22/2015
307. To Many 2/20/2016
308. To My Future Self Now. 9/22/2013
309. Too Many People Act As If God Is Dead 10/21/2012
310. Too Many People Use The Machine Of Society Not To Promote Life But The Destroy Life. 12/20/2015
311. True For You 11/20/2015
312. Trust Is The Real Currency 12/20/2015
313. Tthe Abusive Ways People Express Their Sexuality 3/4/2012
314. Underestimate Me At Your Own Peril 11/20/2015
315. Undoing Me So Deliciously 8/2/2015
316. Unexpected Encounter 8/10/2011
317. Unique Connection With God 9/4/2012
318. Universe Speaks To Us 8/20/2012
319. Very Bright And Warm 10/29/2012
320. Wanting To Speak 12/11/2012
Best Poem of Anthony Cavuoti

You But Not The Real You

We are more then ego;
It is you but not the real you.
Ego is b (be) to C, no where near I yet.

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Unexpected Encounter

Somethings are beyond my capacity to express.
Sometimes the gifts of life, the grace of god goes beyond my wildest expectations, beyond any bliss, fulfillment and paradise I could ever imagine, ever dream of.
A miracle I can see, cherish and appreciate in time. Some were made for greatness, some meant for fame, others fortune, mine is greater than all combined, being able to appreciate you, Potentially having the privilege to see you in all your shades.
Not to act on it would surely ca

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