Charles Churchill

(February, 1731 - 4 November 1764 / Westminster)

Charles Churchill Poems

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16. The Apology 4/19/2010
17. Lines Written In Windsor Park 4/19/2010
18. Independence 4/19/2010
19. Gotham - Book Iii 4/19/2010
20. Gotham - Book Ii 4/19/2010
21. Gotham - Book I 4/19/2010
22. Dedication 4/19/2010
23. An Epistle To William Hogarth 4/19/2010
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The Author

Accursed the man, whom Fate ordains, in spite,
And cruel parents teach, to read and write!
What need of letters? wherefore should we spell?
Why write our names? A mark will do as well.
Much are the precious hours of youth misspent,
In climbing Learning's rugged, steep ascent;
When to the top the bold adventurer's got,
He reigns, vain monarch, o'er a barren spot;
Whilst in the vale of Ignorance below,
Folly and Vice to rank luxuriance grow;
Honours and wealth pour in on every side,
And proud Preferment rolls her golden tide.
O'er crabbed authors life's gay ...

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The Time hath been, a boyish, blushing Time,
When Modesty was scarcely held a crime,
When the most Wicked had some touch of grace,
And trembled to meet Virtue face to face,
When Those, who, in the cause of Sin grown grey,
Had serv'd her without grudging day by day,
Were yet so weak an awkward shame to feel,
And strove that glorious service to conceal;
We, better bred, and than our Sires more wise,

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