Colin Coplin

Rookie - 4 Points (Australia)

Colin Coplin Poems

101. If It Rains, Who Cares 12/8/2010
102. I Wish I Was Your Baby 12/8/2010
103. I Never Knew Love Like This Before 3/24/2011
104. I Love Life 11/22/2010
105. I Know What Love Is 12/29/2011
106. I Don't Play For Money 11/22/2010
107. I Can't Walk Alone 8/15/2012
108. I Am Man 12/8/2010
109. Hole In The Roof Of The World 12/8/2010
110. Hero's In The Foam 3/24/2011
111. Heaven's Behind My Woman's Door 3/24/2011
112. Heartbreak Hotel, Is Not Where I Want To Be 8/3/2012
113. Good Luck (but maybe I'm close enough) 11/22/2010
114. Good Friends 12/8/2010
115. Give Me Your Love 9/9/2012
116. Forget You I Never Will 12/8/2010
117. For You, I Gave It All Away 8/15/2012
118. Fifteen Minutes Of Fame 8/15/2012
119. Fast Eddy 11/22/2010
120. Everything To Me 3/24/2011


Things are done that I just don't understand
There's hardly no time left for the average young man
Works his arse off 'til his blue in the face
Drugged with hope so he can keep up the pace

And soon he joins the unemployed
Where all hope and ambition are destroyed
Is there any justice left in this world
Is there any justice left in this world

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