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David Ignatow

(7 February 1914 - 17 November 1997 / Brooklyn/ New York)

Poems of David Ignatow

21. On Freedom 3/14/2012
22. Permanence 3/14/2012
23. Play Again 3/14/2012
24. Rescue The Dead 3/14/2012
25. Ritual One 4/19/2010
26. Self-Employed: For Harvey Shapiro 4/19/2010
27. That's The Sum Of It 3/14/2012
28. The Bagel 1/13/2003
29. The Journey 4/19/2010
30. Two 3/14/2012
31. Two Friends 3/14/2012
32. Walt Whitman In The Civil War Hospitals 3/14/2012
33. Without Sexual Attraction 3/14/2012

I Close My Eyes

I close my eyes like a good little boy at night in bed,
as I was told to do by my mother when she lived,
and before bed I brush my teeth and slip on my pajamas,
as I was told, and look forward to tomorrow.

I do all things required of me to make me a citizen of sterling worth.
I keep a job and come home each evening for dinner. I arrive at the
same time on the same train to give my family a sense of order.

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