Treasure Island

Felicia Dorothea Hemans

(25 September 1793 – 16 May 1835 / Liverpool, England)

Poems of Felicia Dorothea Hemans

181. To Resignation 4/8/2010
182. To The Eye 4/8/2010
183. To The Head-Ach 4/8/2010
184. To The Memory Of Heber 4/8/2010
185. To The New-Born 4/8/2010
186. To Wordsworth 4/8/2010
187. Ulla, Or The Adjuration 4/8/2010
188. Valkyriur Song 4/8/2010
189. War And Peace—A Poem 4/8/2010
190. War-Song Of The Spanish Patriots 4/8/2010
191. Woman On The Field Of Battle 4/8/2010

Design and Performance


They float before my soul, the fair designs
Which I would body forth to life and power,
Like clouds that with their wavering hues and lines
Portray majestic building--dome and tower,
Bright spire, that through the rainbow and the shower
Points to the unchanging stars; and high arcade,
Far-sweeping to some glorious altar made

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