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Writing Poetry

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  • Rookie Existential Despair (8/31/2008 5:15:00 PM) Post reply
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    Poesies are a chance for the heart to speak what it's been screaming from the inside

  • Rookie Meysam Koushafar (8/31/2008 11:16:00 AM) Post reply

    please give me your comment about my poems. thanks in advance.

  • Rookie Nagourta (8/30/2008 7:18:00 PM) Post reply

    Hey, I'm guessing some of you are also songwriters as well as poets.
    You probably just fiddle around a bit on a guitar or summat and just play songs for you. Well, I have created a site so that you fellows can be heard online. You can give me your songs, and/or you can listen to others. Just cheaply record your music into like a, microphone or something and then transfer it into a music file. Don't worry about the cheap quality or your voice, I want it to be lo-fi.
    here is my link, please sign in! http: //blackpillar.webs.com/
    copy paste it or something, you can't find it on google!

  • Rookie Nagourta (8/30/2008 7:08:00 PM) Post reply

    Read my newest, Perspectives.
    It classifies Upper optimism
    Lower optimism
    Upper pessimism
    Lower pessimism
    a philosophy of mine...

  • Rookie - 3 Points Emily Oldham (8/30/2008 7:08:00 AM) Post reply

    Could you please read and comment on a couple of my poems 'Hell' and 'The Spirit of the Wind'. Thanks, Athena :)

  • Rookie Emperor 8 (8/30/2008 6:34:00 AM) Post reply

    i have just written poem titled 'first love' please could all of you give me your comments on it... thanks alot

  • Rookie Nagourta (8/29/2008 9:59:00 PM) Post reply

    Now my opinion on such matters changes daily, but at the moment this is how I feel...
    Poetry that follows strict rhyming schemes are restricted to the proper emphasis and expression. Free verse allows repitition and, well, free verse, and that gives free verse the character to act truly profound. just speculation.

  • Rookie - 3 Points Emily Oldham (8/28/2008 9:24:00 AM) Post reply

    I think that the best tips are; accept constructive criticism, read a lot, practise writing a lot, and most importantly, stay true to yourself!
    Athena :)

  • Rookie - 0 Points Sean Foxx (8/27/2008 3:02:00 AM) Post reply

    I find that writing exercises help me concentrate on my surroundings one sense at a time. One of the basic ones is to find a place and sit, then concentrate on one of your five senses for a few minutes. I like to start with closing my eyes and hearing what is around me for a good five minutes, then with my eyes still closed, I move onto scents in the air, next how something may feel against my skin (the air, clothes) . I'll open my eyes and try to experience the world only with my eyes as though I was deaf, mute, and paralized from the neck down. The last thing I'll experience is any taste if its a glass of water or a dust on the wind. All these I'll write sepretly or record on a voice recorder. Then try to combine them and write about the world I experienced and my emotions on it.

    I also try to carry a small voice recorder around with me so when I get an idea or mood, to quickly catch the moment before I lose it looking for a paper and pencil.

    Another technique is to do flow of conscience writing, where you begin to write without stopping for a set period of time. It forces you to maintain a steady stream of thoughts. Sometimes it looks odd when you read it back but it allows you to then refine and edit it afterwards without losing the moment you were in.

    I also try an exercise where I constrain my lines of poetry to a certain number or words, or syllybles, or even the types of gramer used in it. It doesnt matter, just pick a rule or set of rules and stick with it through the poem your writing.

    Ultimitly though, the thing that has helped me write better poetry is to experience other forms of art and culture to give me a deeper sense of the use of prose.


  • Rookie - 0 Points Sean Foxx (8/27/2008 2:39:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Folks if you want to post your poems, please create an account and post them under your profile, not in the formus. It clogs them up and prevents the resource from being used as it was originaly intentioned.

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    • Rookie - 0 Points Goldy Locks (8/27/2008 11:57:00 AM) Post reply

      Well said, Foxx. Now i'm off to read your work in its intended locale.