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Aneesha Roy India (3/20/2013 10:09:00 AM)

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Hi Anoop!
I went through all four of your poems. I really appreciate your concerns regarding human rights violations, so ably articulated in the poem, " A Gem called Bahrain" . I also like the political consciousness evoked through your well-balanced arguments in this poem. I particularly liked your poem, " Dream of a Secret Lover" , due to its varied imagery. It sure seems like you have an impeccable knowledge about these beautiful places and the pleasures that they have to offer. The other two poems were also lovely, especially the one about a friend, elucidating why a friend is to be eternally cherished. I really enjoyed reading all your poems and I hope I have been able to do justice to them in my comments. As a fellow reader, I can only say that they were quite engaging and thought-provoking. Thank you.
Kind regards,

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  • Rookie Anoop Nair (3/25/2013 7:31:00 AM) Post reply
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    Hi Aneesha,
    Thank You.Thank you so much for your lavish and sincere praise.You have no idea how much i appreciate it.I have always been passionate about the struggle in Arab Countries.I even wrote an article to some newspapers but they could care less about my stuff and care more about the diplomacy and economic tie ups with the sugar coated tyrant rulers.Infact about that Bahrain poem I attracted a lot of resentment from some people.The poem about a friend was the toughest one because it was hard work and I had to really think a lot before writing.I wanted to have have fun with poetry so i wrote the other two.But to my astonishment I got lot of compliments about the dream poem.I think the other poem was worthless.

    After reading your poems I doubt if I am even qualified enough to comment on any of them because of your strong diction, powerful literature and super rhyming.Keep writing I will read it for you.Why not publish your poems instead of just posting in forums?

    Best of luck with your poems and once again thanks a lot for your kind words

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