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Elena Sandu Elena Sandu Female, 46, Romania (6/14/2013 9:28:00 PM)

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I feel very sorry for I had no chance to read your poems yet. If arguments are the reason for you to go away, than it is the most sad thing. I have seen other poets going away because somebody was hurting them. One thing is for sure: we cannot make all people to love us. But we can love them. The best defense is loving. Please keep the least a couple of your poems here. Poems I believe are drops of pure love that needs to be shared. Please if have a choice than keep sharing your poems. Nobody shall have the right to silence the poet.

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  • Rookie Donnaj York (6/15/2013 11:46:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply
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    I am still writing and am tweeking some of the poems I had posted here, but saved only in my word documents files for now. Maybe I'll re-post a couple. But my problem is that even now, after over a week since our last exchange, in a post comment read just tonight, one of my nemesis', in a critique of someone's work, felt the need to bring my name into her comments, even though other people had weighed in similarily to my two-cents worth.

    My personal growth requires that I walk away from antagonists and not play their games. It is a struggle but one I hope to overcome. Innate reaction is fight or flight, but I'm trying to add a new option. Fight, flight, or stroll away with quiet dignity. I have enough antagonists at work 9am-6pm, Monday through Friday, plus every third Satruday, from whom there is no escape. But in my down-time pursuits of pleasure and creativity, the angagonist is a detriment with which I need not contend.

    I've decided that maybe I will self-publish if I put together enough pieces I consider worthy, (even though I fear that our world of television, ipods, ipads, smart phones, and other high-tech gagets, is no longer a poetry world) , so if I do it, it would be for myself and to leave behind for my family when I'm gone........and I may work on converting some poems into songs.......which I would hope my songbird granddaughter might someday want to sing.

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