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Scotty Dogg Scotty Dogg Male, 45, United States (10/11/2013 10:06:00 PM)

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No! ! Don't read other poetry. Do you want to compromise your innate genius? You should consider other poets as complete asses. Do your own thing! Other poets will destroy your creativity. Other poets are sh*t! Well, let's say 'manure', shall we?Be poetic about it. Okay, here's a poet's mind at work. " Other poets are poo" Better. Much better. Other 'good contemporary poets' are very sucky. The only reason to read them is to learn from their many mistakes. They are mostly boring. You won't be able to understand a word they're saying, and 90 % of poets " swing the other way" You get my drift?My advise is to don't read at all. Nothing. Just write anything that you please. It will be fantastic, trust me.

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  • Rookie John Thorne (10/15/2013 11:44:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply
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    And if everyone follows your advice there will never be another good line of poetry written ever again. To write good poetry, one must consider what makes the great poets great. The secret is to be able to read a poem two ways simultaneously: one must read a poem analytically to understand why it is effective, and one must read a poem emotionally, because the main focus of poetry is emotional appeal.

    Fear of losing one's " innate genius" is both stupid and destructive. If one allows oneself to enjoy other poetry, then one gains a dispassionate, aesthetic appreciation for the creativity of the artist - but one does not ever lose the passion born of the love of words. " Just [writing] anything that you please" has never resulted in a good poem ever, and it never will. Trust me.

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    • Rookie Scotty Dogg (10/22/2013 11:29:00 AM) Post reply

      Got it. I understand now. Thank you so much. My life has been changed. I trusted you and it worked. (This is sarcasm, see?)

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