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  • Rookie Louise Cole (2/4/2006 6:32:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply
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    I am looking for a poem which has these words somewhere in it!

    Old soldiers do not die,
    they just fade away

    It was read out at the funeral of a friend of mine and would really appreciate anyone who could help me track down the poem! !

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    • Rookie D A Phinney (2/10/2006 7:09:00 PM) Post reply

      From Eric Partridge's 'Dictionary of Catch Phrases American and British': : : : ''old soldiers never die: they simply fade away' has been extracted from the British Army's C20 parody of the song ' ... more

  • Rookie Tyler Andrews (2/4/2006 12:11:00 AM) Post reply

    I found this unmarked poem in a book of mine; it has no author listed, but it helped me and my girl out quite a bit; I'd like to know if anyone has heard of it or knows the author. The first verse is:

    What does one do with a heart grown cold?
    And what to do with the love grown old
    Where once the life-beat brimmed
    And the dreams burned within
    Now only the death rattle dims
    And the hopes are severed

    Yes! It gets more uplifting later. Anyway, I'd appreciate it greatly if ANYONE can help me out here...

  • Rookie Chelsea Clement (2/3/2006 8:23:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    I know the name of the poem it's called 'My name is Sarah' but I'm trying to find out who the original poet is.

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  • Rookie Judith Maria Ciampa (2/3/2006 3:22:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    I'm looking for this poem.
    I believe the title is 'They Also Serve Who Only Sit.' It's about babysitters.
    Please let me know if it exists.

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    • Rookie Greg Ogletree (7/27/2006 8:56:00 PM) Post reply

      Hi Judith - You have the correct title. It was written by Phyllis McGinley in the early 1940s and published in her book titled STONES FROM A GLASS HOUSE in 1946. If you have trouble locating a copy, ... more

  • Rookie Philip Kennedy (2/2/2006 5:55:00 AM) Post reply

    Can anyone send me the text of Howard Nemerov's 'The View From An Attic Window'? It was collected in a Penguin anthology I loaned to a girl quite a while ago; she left for Spain and I never got to see her again. The girl/poem loss ratio is weighted in favour of the poem so I'd appreciate a response.

  • Rookie Greg Smith (1/31/2006 1:00:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    Can anyone help? ? ? ? My girlfriend told me a poem quite a few months ago but i have absolutly no idea who it was by, but from what i can remember the first verse goes along the lines of...
    'all that i have
    is the love that i have
    and that i have is yours'
    i would like put this in a valentines card so if any one can help before the 14th i would buy them a drink.... if possible anyway
    thanks in advance.

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    • Rookie Virginia Campbell (2/1/2006 8:16:00 AM) Post reply

      Ok, I should have searched this site. It's 'The Life That I Have' by Leo Marks. Found it in about 3 seconds cos i knew quite a few of the words. A beautiful poem, I'd love to get it in a Valentine's c ... more

    • Rookie Virginia Campbell (2/1/2006 8:10:00 AM) Post reply

      I've been wanting to find this too. I know that it's recited by Virginia McKenna playing Violette Szabo in the film 'Carve Her Name with Pride'. (an excellent film btw)

  • Rookie Virginia Campbell (1/30/2006 12:43:00 PM) Post reply | Read 4 replies

    I'm looking for 3 poems:
    The first one is about an elderly lady whose children keep promising to come and visit her, but keep putting it off because they don't have time. Thought it was by Christina Rossetti but can't find it in collected works so think poet might be someone else.
    The second was at the end of a British film i saw years ago. Think film was about a teacher who used to take mentally handicapped children running. The only line I can remember was about 'running through the broad bright land'
    The third is called 'The Lost Heifer', by an Irish poet I think. Don't know any of the words but would love to get it for a friend who mentioned it.

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  • Rookie Cindi Dawkins (1/28/2006 1:32:00 PM) Post reply | Read 3 replies

    Hi I am looking for a poem I read about 12 years ago, someone gave it to me after my fiance was killed in an accident, And I have wanted it ever since. If any one could help me find it I would be so thank-ful! The poem goes something like this ' Once a day and sometimes more you knock upon my daydream door' This is how it begins and I cannot remember the rest. Anyway's any help in finding this would be great! ! ! Thank you! ! ! -Cindi

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    • Rookie Jacqueline Palyszeski (4/1/2012 1:42:00 PM) Post reply

      Hi Cindi, You probably have the answer to your question by now, but I have kept this since 1966 when my husband and I were out of the country and I had a dear friend with whom I had worked for a f ... more

    • Rookie T Bajer (5/18/2006 5:07:00 PM) Post reply

      The poem Earl is referring to seems to be part of the Lonely Woman by Helen Gilchrist. http: //www.angellyn1.com/Poems/Others/lonelywoman.htm A similar poem is: Once a day and sometimes more ... more

    • Rookie Earl Ferguson (5/16/2006 2:09:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

      Cindi......I remember most of this poem from high school (the mid 60's. However I can't remember most of the last line. If you can help fill it in, please do so: Once a day and sometimes more Y ... more

  • Rookie Whitedove Nest (1/28/2006 12:26:00 AM) Post reply

    I am looking for poems to be submitted to my site at www.whitedovesnest.com. The site is for sexual abuse survivors and those that support them. I have seen a few poems here by other survivors, and just wish to let you know that I am keen to include poems on the site for others. I have a number of my own there, but always keen for others. If you are keen to support others in their endeavours to heal, please either reply to this post or email at whitedovesnest@hotmail.com


  • Rookie Burak Bayram (1/27/2006 9:15:00 AM) Post reply

    do you know a site that I can find comments for Jane Eyre from other poets?

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