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Sherri Dirks Female, 38, United States (10/15/2013 12:59:00 AM)

Hi! I'm looking for a poem that one of my resident recites. I don't think she says all of it, in fact I know she doesn't, and I don't think she even starts at the first of it. Any help would be lovely. Her family would like a copy of it. She begins, " The day he came a woo-ing was wonderful to me, " then she gets a little off track and visits a bit and then start again, " Twas hard to think a man like he could make a noise so loud! It rose and fell at first it was soft like a????and then became a train whistle's shriek! I poke him gently and say, 'Turn over, Darling, your sleeping on your back."
This lady is old enough that she doesn't remember where she got the poem or who the author may be. Would be wonderful if someone would have a clue to help us. Thanks in advance!

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  • Veteran Poet - 1,716 Points Laura Burns (10/15/2013 4:40:00 PM) Post reply
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    The day he came a-wooing,
    Says his most devoted wife,
    I used to think 'twould easy be
    With him to spend my life;
    His speech was, oh, so gentle,
    And so tall and straight was he,
    I never dreamed how terrible
    He'd prove some day to be.

    I never dreamed I'd wake at night
    To give his ribs a whack,
    With, " Darling, please turn over,
    You're sleeping on your back! "
    When life was all before us
    And our single path uphill,
    I never dreamed the time would come
    I'd wish his voice was still.

    And when " for better or for worse"
    To cling to him I vowed,
    I never dreamed so nice a man
    Could make a noise so loud;
    Now, night long through I elbow him,
    Until he's blue and black,
    And say, " Turn over, Darling, please!
    You're sleeping on your back! "

    At times it's like a whistle's shriek,
    At times a grunt and groan,
    And then a buzz-saw at a knot,
    And then a fearful moan!
    There comes a second's silence
    When I think he must be dead
    To find he's merely paused
    To start full steam ahead.
    And this must last my life time through
    for how can I forsake
    The ghastly creature fast asleep
    Who is so nice awake?!

    Author Unknown

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