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  • Mosaic Poet (5/21/2013 6:02:00 PM) Post reply

    Steps to Losing Normal


    “I don’t want to be here again.”
    She gazes through the floor-to-ceiling window,
    Her mind wandering the stone paths
    Of the Meditation Garden—collecting
    New spring blossoms—until the pager buzzes,
    An urgent summons: Go through the double doors;
    Submit to the humiliation of surgery preparation.


    “I don’t know if I can fix this.”
    The words follow her, chasing her
    Down into the darkness—baying hounds
    Threatening her destruction—as her
    Lifeblood pours from her body,
    An ulcer draining her away,
    Plunging her into nothingness.


    “You are not healed yet.”
    One by one his words fall
    Into her lap like rocks—
    A landslide of hard gray balls
    Crushing her beneath the weight
    Of the inescapable name

    ©The Mosaic Poet

  • Rachael Aislynn Musgrove (4/22/2013 2:24:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply


    If to think is to kill a thought
    and to sigh is to revive it.
    Then why even try it?
    I'd deny thinking, if it ment I'd spare a thought.
    Perhaps this is all too much for you, my dear.
    far too much to take in, I fear.

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    • Donnaj York (4/30/2013 9:11:00 PM) Post reply

      I believe that I must contradict To think a thought is to conceive it Conceiving of it, is its conception Conception facilitates its life But in effect initiates its strife…… …..Its rivals may ... more

  • Aleshia Dahl (4/21/2013 12:52:00 AM) Post reply

    Nothing comes to mind when you think.
    There's nothing there on the brink.
    It seems to have went all down the sink.
    When ask a question you can only stare and blink.
    You are thoughtless with nothing to think.

  • Hayden Sedillo (4/11/2013 6:45:00 PM) Post reply


    Fastly falling
    Far and deep
    straying people
    in their sleep

    Our words easily forgotten
    Unlike clothes that a warrior had fought in

    Seeping into
    The dark abysse
    we call
    Slowly falling like sand through the hour glass

    We may feel like nothing
    like a drop in the ocean
    like dust in the wind

    We are

  • Evans Ampofo (4/10/2013 6:56:00 AM) Post reply

    All I want is you love. i love you so much it hurt. when i think about you i cant breath, because you are my air breath. i feel lose with you. if i have go to hell and back just to be with you just for one day i will because i know God understands how much i love you.i love so much i will die for you. you are my oxygen if i cant breath, so how can breath with you. you my eyes if cant see. i will tell the world how much i love you. people will know how i care you, i am incomplete with you beside. i love you girl.

  • Chris Cap (4/3/2013 7:12:00 PM) Post reply

    Ok, so this is an outline for a poem. I'll be replacing lines with more filled out sentences and nicer words. I was wondering if anyone would immediately like to offer advice on sentence changes, or poetic direction specifically?The poem's story is about a boy who is told bad news by a dr. and he has to go through all this terrible treatment just to buy some time.

    The air is mild and dry
    The rooms neatly organized
    clean and familiar
    A boring, common decor
    He'd probably call it
    death's summerhouse
    If his mind wasn't already at war
    With his hands clenched tightly
    The man in white sat him down
    and spoke words that
    almost brought him to the ground
    To which he barely reacted
    " You do Understand?" the man
    in white asked
    " Yes, terminal." He responded
    without hesitation
    The proding and pain starts
    As the final leaf caresses the dirt
    the time has come to extend
    his time on earth
    A bright light blinds him
    No time to sink it all in
    Countless hours of illness
    sickness and pain
    He is left with the same thought
    repeating in his head
    Do I die because I was born, or was I born to die?

  • Meronhailom Hailom (3/31/2013 2:22:00 AM) Post reply

    Hello everyone.....I happen to post 44 poems and they sound good in my head but your ideas n thoughts are important to know how worthy they are, afterall I am nothing without you.Be my guest and share what you feel.

  • Hao Cheng (3/11/2013 2:31:00 AM) Post reply

    The Finder

    Be in quest of a place from the surroundings,
    to seek the arcana of the Nature.
    with whole heart seeped into.
    as if shuttling between the numerous peals without time
    till pure white lights lighting my mind,
    flowing and coagulating then again
    into a icy spherocrystal for me to savour.



  • Linda Neill Poet Digter (1/31/2013 3:06:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    I am

    I am…
    I am Eve
    I am day
    I am woman
    God made me this way

    I am…
    I am rib
    I am love
    I am Adams’ dove
    Adam’s love made me this way
    Copyright Linda Neill

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    • Rookie - 1st Stage Theresa Haffner (2/14/2013 8:38:00 PM) Post reply

      Ummmmm....... This is an attractive poem but it's not free form. It has both rhyme and meter. Free form means no rhyme or meter. My favorite example of free verse is " Space. The fi ... more

  • Linda Neill Poet Digter (1/31/2013 3:05:00 PM) Post reply

    Lament¹ of loom²
    I am not saying a word
    name me silent
    I feel violent
    tears are my sword.
    I smile as I try to
    bury the pain
    hard emptiness
    my gain.
    I will refrain
    from sadness
    so I reach high to
    be in blossom and bloom
    to bury the lament of loom.

    Don’t try to understand my longing
    a lament of loom
    it is a mocking bird’s song
    but I will continue going
    knowing it will become a joyful song
    ¹Lament- mourn; cry for; ²Loom - appear

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