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Mathew Lewis Mathew Lewis Male, 28, South Africa (8/4/2008 10:53:00 PM)

In relation to rhythm I read a very article the other day in a theatre journal. I forget it's name to be honest but it was discussing the performance of Shakespeare and the intracacies of speaking his text. Because I'm an actor it was very interesting but it also had some pertinent things to say about the written word. One of the points is that though we don't realise it, much of our everyday speech patterns fall into the rhythm of iambic, which is of course Shakespeare's adopted rhythmical pattern. It got me thinking thought, almost everything I write falls into iambics. Has anyone here tried a different rhythm, Trochaic for example. Any thoughts?

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  • Rookie - 12 Points Fay Slimm (8/7/2008 11:46:00 PM) Post reply
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    Hi Mathew. Interesting your points on the constant use of iambic rhythm, it often seems that way in everyday speech. I try to use trochaic in my verse as it has a more feminine flavour and reads light. I came across a little help for students who are liable to confuse the four basic metres, you probably know of it. Goes like this ....Iambic feet are firm and flat and come down heavyily, just like THAT...Trochees dancing very lightly sparkle fresh and bubble lightly....Dactylic daintiness lilting so prettily moves about fluttering rather than wittily...While for speed and for haste such a rhythm is best as we find in the race of the quick Anapaest. Hey, could be helpful to aspiring poets at times eh? Greetings from Fay. Cornwall U.K.

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