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  • Rookie Scarborough Gypsy (1/25/2006 7:14:00 AM) Post reply | Read 5 replies
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    Can anyone tell me please, if in America the colour (color) grey is spelt with an 'a' (gray) instead of an 'e'?

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    • Rookie Gregory Gunn (1/26/2006 7:46:00 AM) Post reply

      My Oxford Dictionary which of course is published in the U.K. states (no, not the united ones) that indeed gray with an a is an American variation on grey the way I've spelt (notice the form here) i ... more

    • Rookie Jeremiah Shine (1/25/2006 10:13:00 AM) Post reply

      mostly we bluecoats spell it GRAY...neither is considerred incorrect. a kid will get the - beaten out of him on the playground for being hoitytoity if he says aluMIN-yum instead of aloominnum or toMAH ... more

    • Rookie Michael Shepherd (1/25/2006 8:30:00 AM) Post reply

      It's the bane of proofreaders, though I believe it can be changed wholesale on the PC. 'written' and 'authored' (actually more precise) is another; and final letters doubled or not doubled before '-e ... more

    • Rookie Rusty Daily (1/25/2006 7:54:00 AM) Post reply

      Isn't it funny. Your question also cont ... more

    • Rookie Max Reif (1/25/2006 7:21:00 AM) Post reply

      It's optional, but I think 'gray' is mor ... more

  • Rookie - 0 Points Tom Prato (1/25/2006 5:24:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    I've added two more poems. One is a serious poem on Forgiveness, after meditating on the Book of Jonah [Bible]. The other is a simple haiku-like poem describing the scene after a spell of long, long rain. Hope you can check them out.

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    • Rookie - 0 Points Herbert Nehrlich1 (1/25/2006 5:34:00 AM) Post reply

      Yes, you do know what you are doing. It would help if you could give a bit more info about yourself, such as age etc. Just a suggestion Best wishes Herbert

  • Rookie Herbert Nehrlich1 (1/25/2006 3:33:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    I have just posted a poem about the Pope. I wonder if Max would consider it worthy enough for his website. He could probably read it with a straight face (?)

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    • Rookie Herbert Nehrlich1 (1/25/2006 4:20:00 PM) Post reply

      Well, Max is looking at it and it has reached Graz Austria. Talk about musty stench! Best H

  • Rookie - 0 Points Tom Prato (1/24/2006 11:44:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    I was looking for some nice poems to put on my blogs. Then I found Poemhunter.com I thought why cant I put up some poems and verses of mine that I wrote long, long ago. I have introduced two little poems of mine, of which one is a witty four-line stanza [which someone rated 10/10, but I don't know who! ]. The other poem is called 'Between You and Me'. Why dont you take a look and tell me what you think of these?

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  • Rookie kskdnj sajn (1/24/2006 10:05:00 PM) Post reply | Read 3 replies

    I really think that the ability to submit 30 poems all at once should be axed! It has nothing to do with how many poems a person has...it has to do with how many pages I have to flip through to read the poets I love. Besides...when one submits so many poems at once, it leaves the readers without time to savour each poem from the poet...

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    • Rookie Ernestine Northover (1/25/2006 4:43:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

      I can't see how people post so many poems all at the same time, seemingly. You never see anyone else getting a poem between them, and they take a few minutes to type them in the 'submit a poem' sectio ... more

    • Rookie Allan James Saywell (1/24/2006 10:26:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

      oh i see your worried about thirty at 2am american time i will post a thousand poems could you please give them a (1) each dont bother reading them there all shit poems

    • Rookie Herbert Nehrlich1 (1/24/2006 10:18:00 PM) Post reply

      Profound wisdom. I do take off my hat. Best H

  • Rookie - 7 Points Max Reif (1/24/2006 9:07:00 PM) Post reply | Read 3 replies

    I've now recorded poems by (and chosen by) Michael Shepherd, Mary Nagy, Raynette Eitel, Albert Vynckier, Daniel Tyler, Allan Saywell, and Sally Clarke (plus one of my own) at www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp? songs=465792& t=152.
    Or, you can go to www.acidplanet.com and Search for Poemhunters.

    If you'd like me to record one of yours, send me a note in my Inbox.

    (I still need to get illustrations up and a few other things, to 'pretty up' the poets' pages, and info for listeners to access the rest of the poets' poems here at PH.)

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    • Rookie - 7 Points Allan James Saywell (1/25/2006 1:02:00 AM) Post reply

      max your work on my poem was brilliant i thought max cant do this the reasons i laid out in my thank you email you not only did it you understood every line you scored on everything you must be into ... more

    • Rookie - 7 Points Mary Nagy (1/24/2006 9:09:00 PM) Post reply

      I'll say I think you did a great job with them Max! The picture you chose for mine (dandelion) was a great little addition. I think if anyone's thinking about doing this.....they won't be sorry!

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  • Rookie Allan James Saywell (1/24/2006 6:54:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    good morning poem hunter good morning fellow poets the weather is fine and
    warm and humid and sticky in tweedy heads (a bit of Spike)
    was that sharp enough for you

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  • Rookie Mary Nagy (1/24/2006 5:56:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    I've often scanned through poets' lists of poems here and I find it a little frustrating to just see the titles without having a clue what type of poem it is. Like, sometimes I feel like reading free verse, sometimes I feel like just reading humorous poems, rhyme, no rhyme, etc. When some of the poets have over a hundred or so poems its tough to know which are which. SO, to fix this problem in my own poems I decided to add a (rhyme....humor) or (free verse) type of addition to the titles of each of my poems. NOt that I get tons of people scanning through my list but has anyone else done some random searching for poems and wished they knew what type of poems they were before they waited for the page to load. (which sometimes can be quite a wait sometimes) Or am I the only one that even thinks this will help? Just curious. I'm halfway through with ''fixing'' my titles so I just thought I'd ask opinions. Sincerely, Mary

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    • Rookie Michael Shepherd (1/24/2006 6:30:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

      Mary, you could look at our sister site and see what your poems are listed under? (I keep forgetting the site's name, help me somebody?) whichpoem.com or something?

    • Rookie Joy Vanderhelm (1/24/2006 6:05:00 PM) Post reply

      Mary, I've caught myself doing the same exact thing. I think the home page has a section for those who are looking for a poem about a specific subject. It's what I usually use to narrow the field some ... more

  • Rookie - 780 Points Jerry Hughes (1/24/2006 5:34:00 PM) Post reply

    Movers, Tremblers and Shakers, when life's tribulation gives you a distinct pain in rectum, here's a solution for instant recovery. Read Spike Milligan's Silly Verse For Kids. Here's a blissful example:

    I'm not frightened by Pussy Cats,
    They only eat mice and rats.
    But a Hippopotamus
    Could eat the Lotofus.

  • Rookie Herbert Nehrlich1 (1/24/2006 4:38:00 PM) Post reply

    You could use leotard?

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