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  • Herbert Nehrlich1 (3/26/2005 1:59:00 AM) Post reply

    I didn't mind the spelling but what does xx mean?

  • Scarborough Gypsy (3/26/2005 1:41:00 AM) Post reply

    Please accept my appologies for the spelling in my last posting. I just read it and saw how appaling it was but i wrote it rather rushed. So sorry.

  • Scarborough Gypsy (3/26/2005 1:39:00 AM) Post reply

    Oh Herbert, you are so funny. I do enjoy conversing with you and you who I found so scary at first (and I've known you what, for 5/6 days now) ! You for one should stopp worrying about the overall rating total. It's obviously inacurate of peoples tru views on the work itself. We can tell by individual comments if our work is appreciated or not. Your work, as I am sure you are aware is highly rated. However, because of all this nonsence, I like yourself have started noting (after my comment) whate score I have given a particular poem. This appears the best way to handle it for now.

    I am not trying to change anyone. I'm just trying to change the subject!

    Thank you for acknowledging me and for replying.
    Talk soon

  • Herbert Nehrlich1 (3/26/2005 1:37:00 AM) Post reply

    I hope it is okay to call you Kiddo (?) , if not you can call me Schweinshaxn.
    Best wishes,
    I liked your poem The Decorator *

    * as well.

  • Herbert Nehrlich1 (3/26/2005 12:48:00 AM) Post reply

    Kiddo, if you can change this mob I will be wearing a crown of homemade Sauerkraut 24 hours a day from that moment on.
    They are not all bad on P/H, but many of them might as well be since they sit back and watch how a few creepos destroy what was once a pleasant site.
    In my opinion it started when people like England were allowed on the site. These types always bring with them their 'friends' without whom they appear to feel helpless. This is of course known to social workers and community planners the world over and it is not easy to deal with them. People who cannot create feel driven to destroy, that's just the way things are.
    We don't have any GB Shaws on this site, they used to call him 'Fearless Champion of the Truth', no, it appears that many of the members here could not be stirred out of their lethargy unless they themselves are being attacked.
    A kindergarten? A playground?
    Don't we wish.
    I placed a rambling poem today, just some thoughts, asking specifically for NO RATINGs please. I received two 10's within minutes, one hour later the total score was 3.7 with 7 people having voted.
    Apparently, this is what these people are comfortable with, perhaps deep down they feel that they don't deserve any better.
    The scum always tries to rise to the top when you make Sauerkraut. The wise farmer will get rid of it pronto.
    I hope that they treat you with decency or at least leave you alone, being the new kid on the block, and one with such talent, my word of advice is that you had better never stand up for what is right or for a friend.

  • Scarborough Gypsy (3/25/2005 10:50:00 PM) Post reply

    Does anyone use this forum to talk about anything other than the unsatisfactory voting system and how certain members are not worthy to comment on others work? ?

    After only having become a member in the last week, it appears that this is all that is discussed at any great length or detail. I have also noticed that this site is incredibly 'clicky'. It seems, that when less regular people attempt to join in a discussion or post something on a different topic, they will only be acknowledged or receive a reply by the more regulars, if they are lucky. However, the majority of the time they seem to be rendered invisible and are ignored or they get slapped down so hard that they probably wouldn’t want to visit again.

    As for making certain members (and this is no dig at you Herbert) mediators on the site, I think this is ludicrous! I mean, what is this? A playground?

    I thought this site was for people, who enjoy poetry (both reading and writing) . A site, where, by having our work seen by others we may be provided with feed back (good and bad) to assist us in improving our craft. In addition to this, we also get to experience the craftsmanship of all the other members on the site. Again, providing us with more exposure and expertise of the world of poetry. These are the sole reasons I joined and the only reasons I will continue to stay a member. If I am fortunate enough to build relationships with other members, this is an added bonus but certainly not the reason I am here.

    Is anyone in agreement with me on this? Hellooooooooooo, anyone there?

    Come on guys, lets move on to something more worthy of our time and effort and if some members want to continue with the complaining and whining they could do so with each other in private?

    Kind Regards
    (The New Kid On The Block)

  • ***** ***** (3/25/2005 8:55:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    I sometimes think this site is a little cluttered by people who think they can make other poet's work better.. Just a thought..

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    • Mary Nagy (3/26/2005 7:06:00 AM) Post reply

      I agree with you Sonja....I don't plan on changing my poems no matter what any comments say...they are written from my heart and good or bad, that's what I wrote. If I wanted to see how good somebody ... more

  • Lare Austin (3/25/2005 8:47:00 PM) Post reply

    You know...Herbert...I had this thought...very little thought, mind you think that the higher powers would agree to letting some of us become moderators...abiding by their rules, of course. I think you would be a good moderator...among others on this site that I admire greatly...

    Um...just a thought...Lare

  • Herbert Nehrlich1 (3/25/2005 4:03:00 PM) Post reply

    The only thing we need now Sylvia is for those kind folk to come forward. There must be a few on P/H.And they would be a sight for disappointed eyes.

  • Mary Nagy (3/25/2005 1:38:00 PM) Post reply

    Beautiful Poem! ! I wish there were more people like this around....Good find Sylvie! ! Sincerely, Mary

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