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Deborah Cromer Deborah Cromer Female, 47, United States (7/25/2012 1:01:00 PM)

I was showing my man my list of stats and he commented on 10s that were voted or posted on/or about my work. (He said this is good) So thank you to all of you who gave or rated highly on my pieces. Wow. Seriously though! I was 198 pounds over a year ago. I met this wonderful man and we walk the beaches and hike the trails here along the Oregon coast. Poetry in Motion, seriously. Living life LIVE and loving it. I eat right too. Eating Free! Free of all the man-made chemical shit- additives and garbage the US still ALLOWS TO BE PUT in our food. Check out Local Harvest and local farms on your computer in your areas?Anything there?CSA boxes-(Community supported Agriculture) The OCA-(Organic Consumers Association) Anyway! I weighed 134 the other day. Went from size 16 pants, to size 10. Do you know they put stuff in our food, that causes tumor growth in our vital organs, and EVERYBODY has BANNED it, except the US and somebody else somewhere. Look up Popcorn: " Buttery Flavor" -Fatal-" Popcorn Lung" . Do you know?Do you care?Do you even wanna know about it?Do you dare???S.A.D.- (Standard American Diet) or G.R.A.S. - (Generally Regarded As Safe) Oh! I am an Inn keeper! Check out where I work, oh my gosh! The Greenstone Inn, in Nye Beach, Newport, Oregon. The first of it's kind here on the whole, Oregon Coast. (Soooooooo Green) Solar panels and we FEED the grid. The building is amazing. On it's website, you can click on room numbers and see pictures of ALL the units. Family Cottage is the most popular of our choices. (3 different buildings) The Greenstone is my truest love though. The Honeymoon Suite is perfect. Pacific Crest Condos are incredible. Historic Nye Beach! The Greenstone just turned 2 years old,2 months ago. (Nye Beach where the future meets the past) Buildings that date back to 1919 are here. Sunset magazine said, in one of it's issues...Nye Beach is the " Most Romantic Beaches" on the coast. This place IS enchanting. The performing arts, musicians, painters, photograghers, writers! We are a wonderland of creativity here. Cafe Mundo, Savory Cafe, Cafe Stephanie, Nana's Irsh Pub, Panini Bakery-their menus are INCREDIBLE. Pull one up, check them out, whenever you need " something" to take you away. This will make you say yes, yes, yes. Discover Nye Beach, Newport, Oregon!

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  • Linda Ori (7/26/2012 11:33:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    When did this change from a place to post poetry and poetic conversation to a FREE add spot??? Come on, girl.......who cares how much weight you lost and what your diet consists of? And what has your Greenstone Inn got to do with poetry??? Really...........TMI! ! !

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    • Deborah Cromer (7/27/2012 4:37:00 AM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

      You Question Life?Reality?Love and Truth?The Arts?Entertainment?! Creation of a MAGNIFICENT STRUCTURE?Talent?The Performing Arts?Music?POETRY?Food for the Body, Food for the Soul?YOU read it, DIDN'T y ... more

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