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Akhila Rajesh India (12/7/2012 11:39:00 AM)

Dear Fellow Poets

I have recently published a book of poems - " From Womb To World" .

In these poems, I have tried to put into words the feelings of motherhood- right from pregnancy till 1st year of the baby.

They depict feelings of a mother and activities of her baby.

All are based on my experiences, which I wish to treasure, so that later in life through these poems I can re-live this phase of my life.

Though the poems may be simple, one enjoy any number of times and through any time in life, yet evoking cherished emotions!

The book is available on: amazon.com, flipkart.com, www.cyberwit.net

Please spare some time to read my book and provide your comments. They will be a good learning experience for me.

************************** Sample Poem ***********************
1. A Butterfly Flaps Inside
A visitor from heaven
Has made me its home
A butterfly flaps inside…

Nestling inside me
Stretching its wings
A butterfly flaps inside…

Listening to my voice
Speaking in silent words
A butterfly flaps inside…

Swaying to the rhythm of my breath
Tapping to the beats of my heart
A butterfly flaps inside…

One with my soul
Whole of my consciousness
A butterfly flaps inside…

2. List of Don’ts
Don’t put everything in your mouth
Don’t cover your face with cloth
Don’t pull your hair
Don’t tear the paper
Don’t turn on your tummy
Don’t, when I change your nappy
Don’t play when its time to sleep
Don’t sleep when its time to eat
Don’t expect to be always lifted in arms
Don’t crawl out till we take you in pram
Don’t shout out aloud
Don’t cry for everything you want…
Long is the list of don’ts
And countless times I have told
But if time be reversed by some years
Mother too will be like daughter!



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