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delilah contrapunctal Female, 95, United States (3/26/2013 1:32:00 AM)

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I deleted what I'd said because I felt I'd perhaps been a bit too harsh with you...
Your response to what I said (and its erasure) confirms the fact that you are looking to have someone with whom to fight and argue, and so that you can make pitiful attempts at being " insulting" , albeit it that all you say lacks accuracy.
I do not wish to continue communicating with you at all....you shall have to find a " sparring partner" elsewhere. Your babbling and carrying on do not interest me. Your antagonistic screwball antics are boring.
I shall not respond to anything you say, as you seem to be an angry, confused and quite vociferously whacko person. I do not wish to waste any more of my time on your nonsensical goings-on. I hope you feel better soon, and I still wish to convey to you that I am sorry for your loss and your pain. If you are here to write poetry please do so...or don't...it's up to you.

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  • Rookie Donnaj York (3/26/2013 9:33:00 PM) Post reply
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    Finally something we agree on, that we're unlikely to ever agree on anything........and so should discontinue communication.

    But just for the record, you never did give an option to the problem of overpopulation of wild carnivorous wolves, which are not hunted for food, and which attack and eat the other animals (which were just as alive as the wolves before their unfortunate encounter with the vicious beasts) ..........too many hungry wolves, too many other creatures of all kinds killed and eaten, some of them humans. And I don't expect an answer, (especially since we'll no longer be talking) , but I wonder if you are as profoundly disturbed by the mass slaughter of unborn human children, albeit one at a time, (except in the case of twins) .

    And no, I hate fighting, but when I encounter someone as liberal as you appear to be, I tend to take the opportunity to ask questions, because I really am trying to understand the liberal mind, but sadly, every time I try, I get no answers to questions, I get personal attacks telling me what a terrible wacko person I am, then the angry stomping off, and refusal to communicate with such a crazy person as myself.

    I truly hope to someday find a liberal who can and will stand toe to toe, debate issue by issue, answer questions, (I'd do the same for them) , calmly; rationally; and factually........as of yet however, no such luck.

    But no hard feelings, I've been in the accounting field for 20+ years, (numbers all day long then come home to get my word thang on) , and since everyone hates accounting people for needing so much detail they don't want to deal with, I've developed quite the thick skin.

    And of course we all have the right to our opinions regardless of how vehemently we disagree with one another. Who knows, if we met in person, we might actually like one another...........(as long as we stayed off the topics of politics, current events, and I think religion and spiritual issues as well) : ~D

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