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Adam M. Snow Adam M. Snow Male, 26, United States (6/2/2013 5:22:00 PM)

Trapped within the Minds of Poe
By: Adam M. Snow

Once upon a nightful somber,
entranced within a loreful slumber;
a murky pass it feels to be:
this dream, this world it calls me.

Dragging, falling deeper within a void,
my mistress Fear and I devoid.
Clinching my chest, my racing heart pounds,
alone in darkness with many sounds;
one in particular from a raven afar,
'Nevermore.' said he with my ears ajar.

Intrigued was I by an outspoken raven
perched upon a branch, in a realm of non-haven.
'Nevermore.' said he, spreading wings to flutter,
" Where am I?” I whispered in terror, utter."
" All that I see or seem
is it but a dream within a dream?"
but the raven he quoth again, 'Nevermore.'
lost I feel, lost evermore.

The raven vanishes, taking me back to slumber;
waking again with my eyes a somber.
Finding my hands and feet a bound,
above a pit with a pendulum confound.
Approached by a man thought to be dead,
Poe he spoke with so much dread.
'We loved with a love that was more than love.'
spoke he, as I lay watching the pendulum above.

It swings with a flutter as it slowly drops to me,
my voice is muted; I am force to see
as the pendulum drops, my flesh gets torn.
My eyes again fell somber as I forlorn.
I close my eyes welcoming death,
getting ready to take my last breath.

I feel it wash over me, it is just that;
my memories flashing like tat.
This nightmarish of a dream, I feel forsaken;
my sorrow; I could not awaken.

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  • Donnaj York (6/4/2013 8:03:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Ouch! Harsh critique. Mean words from a " poetress" . I've gotta come to this guys defense. New words are added to Webster's Dictionary pretty much yearly, I think, right? Maybe Mr. Snow's lorerful will be the next new word added. I wonder.........if you would've told Picasso he was bastardizing art.

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    • Donnaj York (6/5/2013 9:47:00 PM) Post reply

      Obviously the person I was responding to has blocked me : '~ ( Just so anyone seeing this might not think I'm like cR@ZiE............ur sumptin'

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