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Jefferson Carter Jefferson Carter Male, 91, United States (6/27/2013 11:19:00 AM)

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What I love most about Lamont is his inability to be generous. Any praise given to someone he considers a contemporary, a rival, and he pisses on it as hard as he can. I suspect this behavior springs from resentment, low self-esteeem, and over-competitiveness. I like Lamont, I like dueling with him, but I worry about his emotional health; it can't be salubrious to be so insecure about your own abilities that you have to denigrate any praise directed to a " rival."

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  • Rookie - 774 Points Lamont Palmer (6/27/2013 2:57:00 PM) Post reply
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    You mean like the way you just tried to cut Danny down to size over his poem 'Wind'? You think saying P.U. made him feel special? So it seems you like to do the same thing, rain on parades, in the interest of the craft. In reality, I only reserve this tougher stance for you, JC, because you, yourself, are a tough, uncompromising, and extremely blunt critic (to the point of being a bit cruel) of poetry and STYLES. As far as 'insecurity', goes, the person posting blurbs in the forum would strike me as the insecure one. I simply put it into perspective. So I have to call B.S. on you, on this one, buddy. If I had posted my own blurb, you would've said a bit more than 'wonderful, Monty! ! '. It would've been followed by a huge 'BUT' and a few withering remarks, I'm sure. I said your reader's comment was nice and it was. What did you want me to say, she's right, you're a 'genius'?-LP

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