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Alice Vedral Rivera Alice Vedral Rivera Female, 64, United States (9/30/2013 11:21:00 AM)

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JC, I think John has a point about the fact that some poets cannot express certain points of view in their native language but dare to do so in English to 'get the word out' to the world, so to speak, about what is going on in their country/culture. This is admirable considering that even writing about it in English is a risk. With that as a given, their poems may not be the best but the word is spread to the rest of us in the global community. I couldn't understand why they bristle so when errors in grammar and word usage are pointed out. However, as I was perusing non-poetic writings to present at my writer's group meeting for this month and re-read an essay about my being interrogated in Czechoslovakia in 1966, I realized that the incorrect English gives them some plausible deniability (yes auto-correct that is the proper spelling of the word) .

Unfortunately, that does not apply to everyone.

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  • Rookie - 919 Points Gulsher John (9/30/2013 12:20:00 PM) Post reply
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    yes Alice, this is the point which i want explain to Mr.Carter.
    cultural norms and orthodoxy in certain part of the world strictly jailed emotions and feelings.
    you people have full freedom of expression, to say your heart, but in our part we can't do that, we are compelled to encode our expressions in 2nd language, only to avoid the aftermath consequences,
    please do understand our POV, for us poetry is not fun but a purpose thought we do it awfully......
    thank you so much

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