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Mary Morstan Female, 54, New Zealand (9/30/2013 2:16:00 PM)

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Slap on the hand, Jefferson! Why the hell shouldn't they write in a second language?Many of these countries were colonised and, in the past, forced to speak English in order to get a well paid job (as in Ireland) . So why shouldn't they write in Indian English now, or in whatever other version of English they speak?(With regard to what their ancestors had to put up with, I think they should bastardise the language completely, but that's just my opinion) .

There are, for example, many languages spoken in India, but if a poet writes in English s/he has a chance of reaching readers in those communities who, likewise, speak English, as well as people in other countries. Often the grammar is faulty, yes, as in spoken Hiberno-English (Irish-English) . But they have to start somewhere, learn to incorporate the sounds and colour of their mother tongue within the English they speak. With regard to the actual poetry, why should it judged by white Western standards?Do we know what influences or tradition these writers are writing out of, or, as John states, what their aim is?There's a cultural issue here too, imo. It's natural for people who are not from English-speaking countries to defend their work and the work of their friends when the criticism dealt out reads like an attempt to belittle their efforts in finding a way of writing in “English” (certainly NOT your intention, I know) .

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  • Rookie - 919 Points Gulsher John (9/30/2013 9:27:00 PM) Post reply
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    how beautifully you have spoken our hearts to Mr.Carter
    Indeed there are issues that force a person to phrases other than his or her mother tongue.
    at least he/she be guided not adorn with such harsh criticism, i know Mr.Carter is right when he scans our awful lines but on the other he ignores our those issues which compels ESL to sing English, we admit that we are far below from standard but
    its time to realize those barriers and issues too.
    i am very thankful to you Mary

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