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Mike Acker Mike Acker Male, 60, Canada (6/4/2014 10:28:00 AM)

The Clue

Even those outside picked up on the buzz.
They also began to be agitated, well, more
excitable, I suppose. Inside the glassed-in
area, the question yet unanswered was how
the woman had gotten to the roof. Uneventful,
was the best way they could describe her stay.

Everyone began to assure themselves that
everything was done properly and by the book.
This was a major event, although not rare.
Two of the ones in the enclosed area came
out and headed to her room. There wasn't
much there, which is common here. They were,

however, looking for something specific, maybe
a clue of sorts. After giving up and turning to
leave, one of them went back to the bed and
pulled the covers, then raised the pillow and
there it was. Unfolded with very little on it, one
could almost miss it against the white sheets.

They went back to show it to the rest. The one
who found it began to read out loud and it was
harder than it seemed. It looked like she had
difficulty writing it and now became difficult to read.
She managed to make sense of the first few words,
but then the last word or two seemed unreadable.

" All I wanted was" , was all they could read
at that point. But the last part seemed illegible,
until one of the ones standing screamed out:
" a hug! All she wanted was a hug! "
The note then dropped, face down, to the ground.

Mike Acker

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