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  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:38:00 PM) Post reply


    Do You Know What Is Coming
    Mirror Cracks Appearing
    Isn’t It So Revealing
    Can You See It
    I Don’t Think So
    Can You Feel It
    We Don’t Know
    But You’re Still Here
    Not Letting It All Go
    Never Letting Go Until
    You Fall Into Your Pit

    The Weak, The Meek
    Won’t Fold
    Won’t Choke
    You Wont Hear Any Cries
    I’ve Got The Ace Of Spades
    And The King Of Hearts
    Always Had The Upper Hand
    While You Were Born With Your Head
    In The Sand
    We Wont Choke
    Choke On Your Force Fed Lies
    Please See Yourself
    Through Your Own Blood Shot Eyes

    Another Silly Test?
    I’m Not Your Enemy
    Or The Devil In Disguise
    So Funny Really
    Or Do You Even Recognize
    Who It Is, What It Is
    Confusing You
    Don’t You Want
    My Bullshit Proof Vest?

    Speaking Truth Is Not Easy For Some
    Sometimes It’s Not Meant To Be
    And Doesn’t Come Free
    But It’s Just So Easy For Me
    It’s Just What I See
    I’m Not A Prophet
    I’m Just Me
    Yes Just Am I, Actually

    Betrayal And Self Denial Are Easy
    Have You Lost
    Yourself Again
    Led Yourself Astray
    Not Me
    Keep Your Criticisms To Yourself
    No One Is Listening
    No One Is Waiting
    Everyone Has Stopped Believing
    In Your God Delusion Today
    It’s Your Blind Faith
    Keep Your Own Blind Faith

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:35:00 PM) Post reply

    MY PATH:

    Now I Have Found Myself
    Now I Know The Truth
    It’s Easy To Weed
    Yes Weed Out The Lies
    Still Weeding Out The Traitors
    Still Witnessing Many Deceptions
    Yes These Are True
    My True Perceptions
    We’ll Be The Last Ones Standing
    When We Get Out Of The Maze

    Yes, We’ll Be
    The Last One’s Standing
    At The Front Of The Line
    Empty Cities, Empty Skies
    I Know, It Looks Amazing
    So Quiet
    So Weird
    Just Extraordinary - Yes
    So Why Don’t You
    Take A Chance On Me

    We Don’t Need Infamy
    We Don’t Need Politics
    Don’t Need Religion
    Just Leave Us Be
    Leave Us In Our Own Private Room
    Yeah Private Room – Number 201 Three

    My Path Has Been Found
    Not Going Straight To The Top
    My Path Is Long And Winding
    Sometimes It Can Even Corrode
    Yeah Taking Easy Steps
    Easy Steps On This Road

    Yes Our Path Is Now
    Found The Path Right Through
    My Mind
    Yes Right Through My Soul
    It’s My Path And Now I’m In Control
    I Just Found My Path
    And You Were Always There
    – Never Letting Go

    I Know You’ll Always
    Keep Up With Me
    It Was You That Guided Me Back
    Back To See
    When I Lost My Way
    You Were There In Some Way
    Every Day

    It Feels Like Our
    Hearts Still Beat The Same Drum
    Yeah Don’t Fall Down
    No Falling Below
    Like Others Before
    I’ll Always Find You Even If You’re Torn
    If You’re Ever Lost
    Doesn’t Matter Where You Are, I’ll Come For You
    Life Has Just Begun For Us Two

    You Don’t Need To Worry Anymore
    I Sense Your Love Every Day
    But Remember, Angels Like You
    Need Sleep To
    I’ll Always Be By Your Side
    Even When The Dark Tides
    Try And Follow You In
    Yeah I’ll Always Love You
    Everyday, Still,
    Even Today
    As In My Heart, You’ve Always Been.

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:32:00 PM) Post reply

    TIME TO GO - ]:

    Memories In The Past
    How Log Can They Last
    I’m Seeking Today
    I’m Seeking Tomorrow
    Filling Up My Life With No Sorrow

    Forget About The Pain
    Out In The Cold
    The Heat Has Now Come
    From That Special Someone
    Now No More Rain
    And Again She Shields Me
    From The Blistering Cold

    Using Hypnosis In A Open State
    Time To Go Forward
    Never To Be Awakened To Late
    Uncovering, Yeah Breaking The Shell
    It Might Only
    Turn Out Thin - But You Can’t
    To Drink From Your Well

    Suddenly Standing
    Standing Up And Looking
    I Will Hold You Close Tonight
    If That’s Alright
    Yes Drinking That Cold, Sweet & Pale Water
    It’s Only Ours To Drink – Already In Sight

    Life: It’s Ours To Drink
    Experiences Quite Unique
    Remember Them Always
    As It’s Time To Go
    And The Next Day We Shall Meet

    It’s Time To Go Forward
    Time To Move Forward & Get Off The Street
    Yeah It’s Our Time To Go Forward.
    About Time To Go Forward - ]

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:30:00 PM) Post reply


    Now You Have Your Marching Orders
    Can You Still Run?- No?
    Can You Still Walk?- No?
    Do You See The Disorder?
    That You Have Left Behind
    And Now Do You, How Do You Even Sleep
    No, I’m Not That Kind!
    No, I’m Not One Of Your Sheep

    Tell Me How Does It Feel
    When The Puppet Strings Are Strong
    Yes, When The Puppet Strings Are Long?
    Now You’ve Felt Their Strength
    You Even Might Have
    A Vision?
    That You’re On Your Own Collision
    Your Own String Collision

    Have You Still Got Your Ego?
    Didn’t It Start Eons Ago?
    Did You Have Any Power?
    Maybe It Went All Sour
    You Think
    Still Think You Have Any Control?
    You Just Woke Up
    Now You Know
    Everybody Already Knows
    You Are The Mole
    Yes, The Inside Mole
    That Came Out Of A Dark Hole

    It’s Your Own Break Down, Every Day
    Yes, We Have Learned How To See
    Learned How To Be Free
    To Stay Away, Yes
    It’s Your Own Big Melee,
    Your Own Car Crash Today

    On A Collision Course
    Within A Big Pool
    In A Deep Pool Of Fools
    Yeah, It’s Not My Scene
    Aint Never Going To Be
    That’s All That I See
    You’re The One On The Real Collizion Course
    A Collizion Course With Me
    A Real Collizion Course With The Free

    Your Marching Orders Kept You Away
    I Know You Can Still Walk
    Know You Can Stall Talk
    Know That You Can Still Sleep
    But You’re Still A Wolf
    Pretending To Be A Sheep

    Thinking You Can Lead
    The Weak And Naive Astray
    But We Are Here To Remind You
    That Time Is Your Real Master
    And That You’re Real The Muppet
    Yes, The Real Puppet?
    Having A Very Bad Day

    So, Still You’re Thinking
    That You Live In
    That You Can See
    Only Three
    Dimensions, Yeah Just 3
    Time Is On My Side
    But You Won’t Be Able To Catch Me
    Won’t Even Be Around To See It

    As I Am Me,
    As I Am Free
    In My Time Line
    And I Have Just Been Fine
    Will Be, Until
    The End Of My Line
    Maybe Until The End Of Your Time

    It Might Just Be A Theory
    But Maybe A Theory That Evolves,
    Just A Collection Of Strings
    So Don’t You Cry In Front
    Don’t Even Sigh In Front
    Of Me
    I Don’t Care If It Stings
    Cause’ You Still Pretend
    You Can Work It All Out
    What This Is All About

    No Solutions, No Questions
    You Seek?You Have?
    No Science, No Evidence
    You Talk?You Want?
    Well I Think,
    I Will
    Read A Real Book And Have A Good Walk
    And See Real eXistenZ,
    No Fake - Existence For Me
    Why Don’t You Do The Same?
    Then You Might Have A Slight
    Chance In This Distinct
    This Unique Time Game

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:29:00 PM) Post reply


    Sun Tzu Said It Best
    Put Your Enemy’s Through
    Their Own Personal Test
    I Wont Be Deceived Again
    Yeah I Won’t Be Burnt Again
    Yes I'm Still Wearing My Invisible
    Bullshit Proof Vest

    I Can See Your Scars
    See Your Holes Appearing
    So Deceiving Yet – Some Are Moving
    My Ears Nearly Got Hooked
    Hooked On Your Tongue Claws Again

    Life Is Like A Game Of Chess
    You Haven’t Learned That?
    And You’re A Old School VET?
    Stop Playing Checkers
    And Get Something Off Your Chest –
    Understand It Yet?

    My Mind Won’t Be Switched Off
    So Don’t Try And Treat Me Like Your Bitch
    I Love Sniffing Out The Rats
    ....And Stomping On The Snakes
    No. No More Mistakes

    I Won’t Listen To Any Deception
    Won’t Be Fooled By Your Eyes
    Cause Everybody, Already Knows
    When They See
    A Wolf In Disguise
    Oh Yes I Can See
    When You're Smiling Back At Me

    If You Like Psychological Warfare
    Go Play With The Easy Targets
    Like The Sharks In The Sea
    If You Try It On Me
    I Would Just Show You
    Your Same Reflection
    Yes Your Shame Reflection –
    In Your Now Blind Eyes

    Play With Your Own Deception
    Go Play With Your Own Kind
    Yeah Not Mine
    As There’s Nothing Here Anymore
    That You Could
    Even Find

    Look In The Mirror
    You Might Find It Pretty Dark
    Might Find It Cold
    Come On You’re Pretty Bold
    But Before You Break The Mirror
    You Need To See -
    See Your Black Shadow Smiling Back At Me

    Don’t Come Running For A Light
    Your Own Black Shadow Even Just Died
    Don’t Come Running To Me For A Spark
    As I Don’t Do Favors For Fakes In The Dark
    See That, Feel That?Smell That?- Now Your On Fire
    Now Your On - Your Right Line

    I Told You - That’s What Hell’s Really About
    Little Man, Now You’re Lying Down
    Dying With Your Head In The Can
    With Your Emotional Flat Line
    A Personal Flat Line
    Yeah Now You Own A Personal FlatLine.

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:27:00 PM) Post reply


    I Can’t Imagine The Time It Takes
    To Amuse You
    And I Won’t Waste My Time
    To Just Confuse You
    I Can Only Tell You The Time
    That I Will Confess
    You Don’t Seem To Look
    Don’t Seem To Listen
    You Just Seem Distressed
    Do You Consent?

    Brick Walls Don’t Bother Me
    Or Neither Should They You
    However Your Head Space
    Doesn’t Make Any Sense

    How Can I See
    How Can I Find The Person
    You Really Are
    When You Just Pretend You
    Are A Walking Charade?
    Are You A Walking Clique?

    I Can Try
    But, It’s Going To Be
    Very Far Away
    If You’re Not Free - Now
    From All Your Hating
    Can I Trust You With Those Talons?

    Remember A Dragon
    Can Turn – Turn At Will, Even
    Into A Butterfly Which
    Also Bite Back Sometimes
    Sometimes Kill

    How Do I Know
    That You Will Not Try To Bite?
    How Do I Know?– I Never Forget
    How Do I Know?
    You Will Leave Me Alone?
    Well I Haven’t Even Sung
    That Song Yet

    Just Look After Your Own
    Life And Ego
    I’ll Happily Get On With Mine
    I’ll Be Just Fine – In Time
    Yeah Fine In Time
    Just Not Standing
    On Your Crooked Line

    Got The Butterfly’s
    In Your Stomach?
    Found The Cockroaches
    In Your Mind?
    Just Watch Out For Your Delusions And Self-Denial
    They Really Won’t
    Kill Any Of Your Time

    Is It Time For You To Have
    A Break To?
    Cause I Aint The Fool
    I Aint The Joker
    I’m Just In Full View
    – Just A Helping Hand
    Got The Time On My Side
    Think I’ve Got The Right Time Too
    The Right Time Beside
    The Right Time
    Behind My Mind.

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:25:00 PM) Post reply


    Here We Are
    On That Page Again
    Here, Are We
    On That Same Road Again
    Running Away
    Running To The Edge
    Running Towards Our Home Again
    Running Forever And Tomorrow
    And For Ever Today

    Hold On A Minute
    Hold On For A Life Time
    Please Hold On
    To Me Again
    Hold On To My Heart
    As My Heart Strings Have Been Played Again

    It Was Just Our Hard Work
    It Was Our Heartwork
    I Can Still See You
    Still See Your Love
    Behind Your Eyes
    Yes Behind Those Crystal Eyes

    My Angel Of Truth
    Please Just Remember What I Say
    No Matter What “They” Say
    Just Love Yourself Today
    And It Feels So Good
    So Good
    What Else Can I Say

    Don’t Let Them Put You Down
    You Are Good Enough All Around
    Beautiful People Are Not Easily Found
    Beautiful Angels Like You

    Most Are Seen, But Not Heard
    It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
    Cause We Have Already Settled That Score
    Already Stopped, Forgotten The Lost
    All Forgotten
    Don’t Let Your Mother
    Or Any Other
    Put You Down
    They Are Just What You Said
    From The Start – All Are Just A Fucking Bore
    And All The Drugs In This World
    Can’t Save Them From Themselves
    And This I Am Sure

    For Now I Have To Go
    But We Will Meet Again
    When You Need Me
    Who Am I?
    Just Call Me
    I Think You Already Know?
    You Am I?
    I Really Think So?
    What Is Your Life?– I Want To Know
    Because You Give Me Faith
    Yes, You Give Me Faith
    In This World Once Again

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:23:00 PM) Post reply

    BAD BIRDS: (Bird Is Not The Real Word) : :

    It’s Getting Close - Any Time Now
    By The Way
    Don’t Ask Me How
    Sometimes Moving Your Shadow
    Let Us Soon Forget
    On How We Met
    Once In A Million?– No Better Yet

    Where Did You Go?
    What Did I Do?
    Didn’t I Tell You The Truth?
    Who’s To Know – The Better Clue?

    What The Hell Happened
    In The End, I Broke That Spell
    It Lasted – Long
    Long Is The Word, It Was A Bad Bird
    Yes, Just Ask That Colorful Humming Bird
    Cause' This Bird Knows That
    Bird Is Not The Real Word

    I Should Have Killed That Bad Bird
    When I Had The Chance
    Yeah I Told You
    I Broke Its Spell
    Why Am I In The Wrong?– Because
    I’ve Spoken The Wrong Words?
    Cause I Spent Some Shells?

    I'm Ok Now - Always Clear
    Near Here - Or Far
    Even At My Favorite Local Bar

    I Still Should Have Killed That Bad Bird
    Instead I Clipped Its Wings
    Dropping To The Ground
    Into His Own Shit - But Just Gave Him A Sting

    Yeah I
    Should I Kill That Blackbird?
    Will I Somehow Regret?
    Maybe He Now
    Wants Some More
    Trying To Settle His Dark Score?

    He’s Really Close Now
    But I Aint Moving
    Anywhere, Anymore
    Neither Is My Shadow
    Where Did He Go – To Hell And Back?
    Who Really Knows
    I Just Don’t Care If He Hangs Still
    Even With The Good Crows

    Well Now I’ve Killed That Bad Bird
    It Was A Good Hit
    Dropped To The Ground
    This Time Not Missing
    His Bottomless Misery Pit.

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:21:00 PM) Post reply


    Watch Out Some Times My Friends
    Look Out
    Watch Out For Friends In Disguise
    It’s A Real Sanity Killer
    And You Might Not
    Even Realize.

    A New Day Is Calling
    Yes A New Day Is Coming
    Now Your Eyes Are Open
    Yes, Now Your Mind Is Open
    No More Falling
    Just Better Gathering
    No More Falling For The Lies.

    Always Watch Out
    For That
    Sweet, Sweet Wine
    Strange And Beautiful People Standing In Line
    Just Watch – You Will See Them In Time
    Yeah, No More Fooling
    No More Fooling With Your Mind

    Some Disguises Seem To Fit Well
    Yet So Revealing
    When You Ring Their Bell
    These People Don’t Concern Me
    For They Are Stuck, Already Sleeping
    In Their Own Rubbish Bin
    Forever More

    I’ve Been Bitten
    As Have Many, You See
    But We Have Survived
    And Now Ready And Waiting In Our Good Shoes
    In case They Surface Again And Try Round 2.
    Just Watch
    Out Sometimes
    Watch Out For The Disguise
    I Know It’s Disturbing
    It Can Turn You Inside Out
    But A New Day
    A New Way Has Been Found
    Yeah It’s So Profound
    Yeah Just Shout
    Our Mind’s Eye Is Wide Open

    Defeating All Real Enemies
    With Our Own 2 Eyes
    Cause When It’s All Over
    Then Realize, You Will
    That There Is Really
    No Disguise

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:19:00 PM) Post reply


    I Am A Indigenous Fool, Brought Up In Today's Melting Pot Of...

    Hi There And Welcome
    You’ve Entered My Hypothetical World
    Such Delicacies And Delights
    You’ll Never Leave My World
    When You Come To Visit
    I’ll Give You More To Drink
    But If You Seek Some Profit
    I’ll Send You To The Brink
    I Play The Fool Too Often
    Dance And Sing Regret
    But When You’re Near And With We
    How Soon That I Forget

    Here It Comes Again
    I Hate That Question Why
    Just Wait Until We’re Dancing
    Your Eyes Would Wish They’d Cry
    Pleasures Of The Great Unknown
    I Do Not Want To Find
    Because Here In Reality
    There Is No Other Kind
    Sleep And Wake Tomorrow
    See The Brand New Day
    To Hell With All The Sorrow
    Help Us Find Our Way
    Beauty Is Among Us
    We See It All The Time

    Let’s See If It Ferments
    And Drink It Like The Wine
    By Now It Is Too Late
    The Grape Is Getting Wrinkly
    And How You Hesitate
    To See Your Future Quickly
    Oh Well
    What Can We Do
    We Are Intelligent Animals
    I Am Just Like You

    Death Is A Natural Progression
    I Don’t Have To Like It
    Life Is A Frustration
    Filled With Little Profit
    When You See The Sacred One
    Your Eyes Begin To Glitter
    The Heart Pushes The Buttons
    And The Mind Is Filled With Litter
    Don’t Ever Say Never
    Try Not To Be Discrete
    Because In My Hypothetical World
    We Always Love To Meet….

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