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  • Rookie - 33 Points Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:23:00 PM) Post reply
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    BAD BIRDS: (Bird Is Not The Real Word) : :

    It’s Getting Close - Any Time Now
    By The Way
    Don’t Ask Me How
    Sometimes Moving Your Shadow
    Let Us Soon Forget
    On How We Met
    Once In A Million?– No Better Yet

    Where Did You Go?
    What Did I Do?
    Didn’t I Tell You The Truth?
    Who’s To Know – The Better Clue?

    What The Hell Happened
    In The End, I Broke That Spell
    It Lasted – Long
    Long Is The Word, It Was A Bad Bird
    Yes, Just Ask That Colorful Humming Bird
    Cause' This Bird Knows That
    Bird Is Not The Real Word

    I Should Have Killed That Bad Bird
    When I Had The Chance
    Yeah I Told You
    I Broke Its Spell
    Why Am I In The Wrong?– Because
    I’ve Spoken The Wrong Words?
    Cause I Spent Some Shells?

    I'm Ok Now - Always Clear
    Near Here - Or Far
    Even At My Favorite Local Bar

    I Still Should Have Killed That Bad Bird
    Instead I Clipped Its Wings
    Dropping To The Ground
    Into His Own Shit - But Just Gave Him A Sting

    Yeah I
    Should I Kill That Blackbird?
    Will I Somehow Regret?
    Maybe He Now
    Wants Some More
    Trying To Settle His Dark Score?

    He’s Really Close Now
    But I Aint Moving
    Anywhere, Anymore
    Neither Is My Shadow
    Where Did He Go – To Hell And Back?
    Who Really Knows
    I Just Don’t Care If He Hangs Still
    Even With The Good Crows

    Well Now I’ve Killed That Bad Bird
    It Was A Good Hit
    Dropped To The Ground
    This Time Not Missing
    His Bottomless Misery Pit.

  • Rookie - 33 Points Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:21:00 PM) Post reply


    Watch Out Some Times My Friends
    Look Out
    Watch Out For Friends In Disguise
    It’s A Real Sanity Killer
    And You Might Not
    Even Realize.

    A New Day Is Calling
    Yes A New Day Is Coming
    Now Your Eyes Are Open
    Yes, Now Your Mind Is Open
    No More Falling
    Just Better Gathering
    No More Falling For The Lies.

    Always Watch Out
    For That
    Sweet, Sweet Wine
    Strange And Beautiful People Standing In Line
    Just Watch – You Will See Them In Time
    Yeah, No More Fooling
    No More Fooling With Your Mind

    Some Disguises Seem To Fit Well
    Yet So Revealing
    When You Ring Their Bell
    These People Don’t Concern Me
    For They Are Stuck, Already Sleeping
    In Their Own Rubbish Bin
    Forever More

    I’ve Been Bitten
    As Have Many, You See
    But We Have Survived
    And Now Ready And Waiting In Our Good Shoes
    In case They Surface Again And Try Round 2.
    Just Watch
    Out Sometimes
    Watch Out For The Disguise
    I Know It’s Disturbing
    It Can Turn You Inside Out
    But A New Day
    A New Way Has Been Found
    Yeah It’s So Profound
    Yeah Just Shout
    Our Mind’s Eye Is Wide Open

    Defeating All Real Enemies
    With Our Own 2 Eyes
    Cause When It’s All Over
    Then Realize, You Will
    That There Is Really
    No Disguise

  • Rookie - 33 Points Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:19:00 PM) Post reply


    I Am A Indigenous Fool, Brought Up In Today's Melting Pot Of...

    Hi There And Welcome
    You’ve Entered My Hypothetical World
    Such Delicacies And Delights
    You’ll Never Leave My World
    When You Come To Visit
    I’ll Give You More To Drink
    But If You Seek Some Profit
    I’ll Send You To The Brink
    I Play The Fool Too Often
    Dance And Sing Regret
    But When You’re Near And With We
    How Soon That I Forget

    Here It Comes Again
    I Hate That Question Why
    Just Wait Until We’re Dancing
    Your Eyes Would Wish They’d Cry
    Pleasures Of The Great Unknown
    I Do Not Want To Find
    Because Here In Reality
    There Is No Other Kind
    Sleep And Wake Tomorrow
    See The Brand New Day
    To Hell With All The Sorrow
    Help Us Find Our Way
    Beauty Is Among Us
    We See It All The Time

    Let’s See If It Ferments
    And Drink It Like The Wine
    By Now It Is Too Late
    The Grape Is Getting Wrinkly
    And How You Hesitate
    To See Your Future Quickly
    Oh Well
    What Can We Do
    We Are Intelligent Animals
    I Am Just Like You

    Death Is A Natural Progression
    I Don’t Have To Like It
    Life Is A Frustration
    Filled With Little Profit
    When You See The Sacred One
    Your Eyes Begin To Glitter
    The Heart Pushes The Buttons
    And The Mind Is Filled With Litter
    Don’t Ever Say Never
    Try Not To Be Discrete
    Because In My Hypothetical World
    We Always Love To Meet….

  • Rookie - 33 Points Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:17:00 PM) Post reply

    Spreading The FIRE:

    I Was, I Will, I Still
    Yes Still I Am
    What You Say
    Happy About Meeting You
    On That Memorable Day

    Make Yourself Comfortable
    To Indulge And
    Be Capable
    Of Being The Happy
    Beautiful Angel
    You Are

    Being Yourself
    Not Needing Any Other
    Simple Cliches
    See Yourself For What
    You Really Are
    Yes Not Needing
    Any Silly Charades
    Perfect Already
    You Are, I’m Afraid

    When Your Fingers Start Crawling
    Your Love Never Stops Spreading
    Entered By Chance
    Into My World
    Then Into My Pants!
    And You Still Put Me
    Into A Trance

    Your Subtle, Yet
    Unforgettable Aroma
    Just Enhancing Your Beauty
    Always Enchanting My Mind

    You Spread The Fire
    From What I’ve Seen
    Looking Into My Heart
    Yes, - You’re My Desire
    And Always Have Been

    Life, Love
    My Friend
    Here Tomorrow
    Still Here Today
    Some Good Things Never Go Away

    You’ve Already Spread My Fire
    From What I’ve Seen
    I Think I May Have Always Known
    You Are
    My Desire And Always Have Been

    Laughing With You
    Always Chases Away The Blues
    For It Is You
    I Love Tomorrow And Today
    As You’ve Seen It All
    Yes Seen The Whole
    True Game
    Stood By My Side In Every Way

    In Our Hearts And Mind
    Is Our Love, Yours And Mine
    With Us Always
    Still Spreading The Flame
    Until The End Of Time

  • Rookie - 33 Points Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:15:00 PM) Post reply


    I Might Have Cried In Another Life
    Yes That Would Be Right
    Seen It All Before
    Not A Pretty Sight
    Yeah, Not A Pretty Sight
    On The Outskirts Of Life

    Many Are Quick To Judge
    Many Are Just Fools And Jokers
    Many Don’t Have The Right Tools
    Yes, The Right Tools In Hand
    But You Need Them
    In This World Wild Land

    The Outskirts Of Life
    Oh, What A Story To Tell
    Outskirts Of Life?
    Yes We Already Fell
    Better Pull Our Heads In
    Don’t Shit In Our Own Yard
    Cause’ No One Will Look
    To Trust You – Even From A World Apart

    Stopping Digging Your Own Grave Sites
    Start Planting Some Flowers
    Even If They Go Really Sour
    Positive Energy Is All You Need
    Yes Positive Energy Is What You Must Feed
    Or The
    Outskirts May Just Come Back
    The Outskirts Of Life –
    Just Welcome Them Back?

    The Outskirts Are My Home
    Sometimes A Unique State Of Mind
    It Can Be Something Also New, I Find
    Now That We Are In A Later
    Stage Of Time
    The Outskirts Might Just Free Our Minds
    I Know We’ve Cried In Another Life
    Yes That’s Right
    Seen That Darkness Before,
    But Now It’s A Pretty Sight
    A Very Normal Site
    On The Outskirts Of Life

    Some Viewpoints Make Me Want To Give
    A Certain Shade Of Light
    It Allows You To See My Illuminated Life
    But Don’t Change On My Behalf
    You Do What You Will
    Do What You Want
    You Can Do Anything
    In Order To Make Yourself Right
    To Give You A Taste Of Righteous Life

    Are The Outskirts My Home?
    Yeah It’s Home To Me
    Because I’m Not Just Happy
    I’m Free

  • Rookie - 33 Points Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:14:00 PM) Post reply


    You can try to run away
    You can try to come and play
    You can try to let me go
    You can steal me from the show
    But it won't help you at all
    I will Be there when you fall
    To try to take you far away, far away from

    Let me take you by the hand
    And like try to make you see
    What there really is to know
    And what things can stay for free
    Will you come along with me
    For i will not stay to long
    We can eat and drink and dance
    And i'll even sing a song

    To life there is a road
    You can take it as it comes
    You may stray from the path
    But if truth is what you seek
    You might cry into despair
    But life was never fair
    It's what brings me to this place
    My domain and mine to waste
    You can even try to help
    Try to heal and purge, forget
    But there really is no use
    A great trait of mine's abuse
    You have nothing left to lose
    But to TRY...

  • Rookie - 33 Points Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:12:00 PM) Post reply


    Away Run To Try Can You
    Play And Come In To Try Can You
    Go Me Let To Try Can You
    All At You Help It Won’t But
    Fall You When There Be Will I
    This From Away Far, Away Far You Take To Try To…
    Hand The By You Take Me Let
    See You Make To Try Like And
    Know To Is Really There What
    Free For Stay Can Things What And
    Me With Along Come You Will
    Long Too Stay Not Will I For
    Dance And Drink And Eat Can We

    Song A Sing Even I’ll And
    Road A Is There Life To
    Comes It As Take Can You
    Path The From Stray May You
    Seek You What Is Truth If But
    Despair Into Cry Might You
    Fair Never Was Life But
    Place This To Me Brings What It’s
    Waste To Mine And Domain My
    Help To Try Even Can You
    Forget, Purge And Heal To Try
    Use No Is Really There But
    Abuse Mine's Of Trait Great A
    Lose To Left Nothing Have You
    Try To But…..

  • Rookie Jesse Mccabe (4/19/2013 12:14:00 PM) Post reply

    i love you like the stars love the night sky,
    like the moon loves to glow,
    like the sun loves to shine bright,
    like the wind loves to blow,
    like winter loves to make it snow, like a heart loves to beat,
    for mine will never stop because u hold the key

  • Rookie Sumit Ghosh (4/18/2013 11:53:00 PM) Post reply

    why are u depressed...??
    why are u depressed because your parents left you or hurt you?
    life waits for none!
    why are u depressed because your girl friend left you?
    life waits for none!
    why are u depressed because you failed?
    life waits for none!
    Life is a journey.......!
    were we learn, learn to earn.
    were we not only discover but we create ourself.
    Life is a journey...!
    the journey of unexpected surprises.
    Its shows many surprises sometimes comedy, sometimes tragedy.
    Sometimes its show us how to live happy,
    Sometimes it teaches us sadness is a part of same coin of happines.
    Sometimes it take such a turn that makes us depressed,
    Sometimes it turn to a road of joy.
    Sometimes it halts at road side resturant,
    Sometimes it flow as smooth as wind.
    And at the end it left us to our destination- -death! ...

  • Rookie - 19 Points Savannah Oakes (4/18/2013 11:38:00 AM) Post reply

    A Brisk Walk

    Midnight on a winding street
    air still as the grave
    no danger lurking
    no signs of wake

    You swagger on
    curving gingerly to the left
    then suddenly—
    a hand is in your hand
    hot breath against your cheek
    a whisper in your ear:

    “My love, my light
    come lie with me.
    We will meet at great heights
    where I will set you free,
    from the hands that bind
    and a mind of remiss,
    so you won't but mind
    as you float down the abyss.”

    With no note of dissent
    no sigh, no frown, nor shake
    you are whisked away,
    taking steady steps, with deep breaths
    to the hole where you shall lay.

    When finally you do arrive
    you're beckoned to lie down
    you stumble in, burrowing
    careful not to make a sound.

    Morning comes, but not the sun,
    Eyes search, but nothing found.
    Hands grasp at dirt, nails rake on stone
    at this new burial ground.

    Now screaming will do no good
    nor fight, nor will, nor pain
    you are here and here for good
    because doth wed the night
    and the night doth betrayed.

    “Away now morning light,
    Farewell bitter day!
    Soon we will reunite,
    perhaps from inner fray.
    So beat your drums
    and live in spite
    measure all your sums
    and we'll forget this little slight
    until tomorrow comes.”

    So lie down,
    calm and secure
    make most of this fine bed
    that you've dug yourself out of
    time and time again.

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