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  • Derrick Fernie (1/18/2014 7:29:00 AM) Post reply

    The eyes at the bottom of the glass

    Staring long and hard into the glass,
    The bartender told him he had no class
    A drunk, with no future, and a tortured past,
    Eyes looking back from bottom of the glass
    God he knows that, he’s sinking fast

    Faceless without a name on a stool;
    A bartender’s, no friend, often cruel,
    I’ll take your money you witless fool.
    Life’s problems! I can’t fix I’ve no tool,

    Dare to ask! You think you’re the first;
    Looking back as you silently curse,
    Is there no end to this hellish thirst?
    Mind screaming fates do your worst.

    With aching heart bleeding;
    From life he’s been retreating?
    A soft gentle voice pleading,
    To home it’s gently leading

    He reaches to turn on the light,
    The emptiness, it’s worse at night.
    The empty bed a frightening sight;
    Loss of his wife began his plight!

    Cursing the hand that he was dealt,
    Room spinning pillow hardly felt.
    Those eyes his soul would melt,
    Upon his wife, his fevered mind dwelt

    Derrick Fernie

  • Derrick Fernie (1/18/2014 7:25:00 AM) Post reply

    Mountain Meadows


    The smell of mountain flower’s,
    With a fragrance sweet and divine,
    Warm wind rustling through the pines;
    High meadows well, worth the climb.
    God’s handiwork hardly sublime!

    Nearby a clear cold babbling brook,
    Trout waiting for the fisherman’s hook
    Darting about, from nook to nook,

    The deer graze while fawns prance,
    Not disturbed, by a hunter’s glance
    Could this be heaven by chance?
    I sit and wonder, as if in a trance!

    Derrick Fernie

  • Fred Nwaozor (1/18/2014 12:03:00 AM) Post reply

    Don't pursue a rat as your dream 'cos you dreamt of a rat in the previous night.

  • G A (1/17/2014 2:45:00 PM) Post reply


    What is to be forgotten?
    To be forgotten is to die,
    and die without dying.

    I myself forget.
    I forget how people smell and look,
    but most of all
    I forget the way they look at me.

    I forget their eyes,
    be them sweet or sad, or both.
    I dread that they'll forget
    me too this way.

    by Job Foster

  • G A (1/17/2014 2:44:00 PM) Post reply

    A Man

    I am an immortal.
    I live in the present,
    for me there is no Past
    and the Future is unknown.

    I am not a God
    but something else,
    a man among men.

    My soul is clean
    and my hand untouched,
    people watch me and see themselves
    like the Sun, the Shadow of a Shadow.

    That is not a man I am
    but a man I wish to be.

    by Job Foster

  • Iliya Gotby (1/17/2014 2:09:00 PM) Post reply

    I see you somewhere between that broken man, and the wishful thought, somewhere where a time can't live, and a dream is far. What is the distance?I can't tell in light, but every time I close my eyes your only steps away, dancing in the mirages of my mind, teaching me patience.

    For what is real is perfect, and what is broken, the foolish man throws away.

  • Iliya Gotby (1/17/2014 2:02:00 PM) Post reply

    Right now my love is a broken Mirror, shattered by my hearts discontent
    I sit by the mirror for now, my own personal moonlight, piercing into the melancholic waves named Misery. I am here, still waiting, waiting for the day to reach your arms, wherever, waiting for the day, to stand in the same moment with you, to walk a million footsteps in the same path, stricken with joy, that every step was mine and yours. Waiting to tease each other with soft spoken words of the eye, because i know your eyes will speak louder to me than any tongue. I am still waiting for the day we hold each other, but I will not only understand you, I will understand me. And they will tell us this love we share is one of loves infractions, but we will only hear each other's voices. Living each day as if time stood still, under the warm untainted shelter of each other's skin, as I kiss you.

  • Adam M. Snow (1/17/2014 11:32:00 AM) Post reply

    She became My Gallows
    Written by Adam M. Snow

    What of this! ?
    Her sweet madness beautiful as snow;
    that by starlight! The rushes lean over her wide!
    The intoxication of her insanity draws me close.
    Her voice, calling out my name;
    haunting me.

    The moonlight pours out upon her -
    her wickedness is shown, who dreams with
    - a nest of mad kisses; a thousand years sad regrets.
    She is my agony -
    my cage -
    my demise.
    My loss of sanity is due her.

    She is haunting,
    such madness is this?
    I cared nothing for all,
    she is my breath, I can't live without.
    My essence
    - sighing around her where the stars are sleeping.
    The scented twilight, I hung there.

    She became my gallows -
    my wandering noose -
    my demise -
    the fall of a tragic poet.
    She is the bearer of my heart, locked away;
    I am nothing.

    I am nothing
    but a man locked in chains,
    who bears no voice;
    a victim to her madness
    - her bitter sweet madness beautiful as snow.

    She stole my heart -
    my voice -
    my name.
    I am her insanity as she is mine.
    She left me, her ghost to wander
    - sighing around her where the stars are sleeping.
    The scented twilight, I hung there.

  • Nkashyap Nk (1/17/2014 4:55:00 AM) Post reply

    Kehne ko h sab humare sath
    fir bhi hume teri kami kyo h....

    jo kashish thi
    teri mahoobat me..
    us kashish ki talash kyo h......

    ku wo hoke apne bhi
    .begano sa saluk karte h.
    Har kisi ki nazro pe naqab kyo h
    uski tanhai o me hum h......
    humri tnhai yoo me
    kami kyo h....

    dil ki samjha wese to
    asan h
    bol ke samjhana mushkil.....
    .aj bhi sachi mahobat ki
    bekadri kyooo h....

  • Nkashyap Nk (1/15/2014 10:37:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    kabhi kuch pa liya..kabhi kuch khodiyaaaa...
    zindagi tune har modh pe ap na hisab chuka liyaaaa..

    khamoshi bhi u di h humko.khushi bhi h gum bhi h
    jis ne chaha chodh diya jisne chaha apna liyaaa

    ek pal ko bhi tujhse zindagi mohbat na hui mujhe..
    jinhe bhi zindagi banaya humne tune.... chup chap se humari uska nisha hi zindagi se mita diyaaaa

    dard bhi hota h..par hume tune rone bhi na diya
    matlbi sa bandiya waqt ne humko
    sab pake bhi sabu tune churaliyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............. —

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