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Zeki Madjid Zeki Madjid Male, 19, Syrian (5/11/2013 6:18:00 AM)

?? ????? / Oh Syria!

Reality is lost and I fear…
That someday.. somewhere so near…
I will fall amongst the people so dear…
I fear…that I’ll just be another one
Another one lost…

I wonder what the cost of my life is
Not to get too political…
But i want to know what the cost of my life is
Is it money…is it land
I do not own any of them…I’m just a simple man

I remember..when I ran across your land…
I remember when I kissed my grandmother’s hands..
But you ripped my away from her..from my home
You ripped my away from my heart…you ripped me away from my soul

I feel helpless..I feel low…
It’s hard to play along when I know…I have no role
I have become a slave.
After all the love i gave.

When I look at my country…people I want to save
When I look around me…people I need to change
It seems like a hard thing to do…
when the range of people is way bigger than you

Freedom…oh how much I've heard that word
Freedom…oh how this idea has become absurd
When God gave us life…
He warned us only he can take our lives…

Oh Syria…my home
Oh Syria…my all
Oh Syria…what did they hurt you for?
Oh Syria…I’m here…I won’t let them hurt you anymore…
I am Proud to be your son…

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  • Rookie Abdu Musa (5/13/2013 7:30:00 PM) Post reply
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    I really loved it. Especially, the these lines:

    'That someday.. somewhere so near...
    I will fall amongst the people so dear...'

    ... and it is interesting to 'wonder what the cost of your life is' as a poet.

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