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Aldrich Suarez Male, 20, Philippines (2/21/2013 3:42:00 AM)


Once upon a time, when men are not yet civilized
there live two young men named Barry and Joey
While wondering the beauty of earth, they criticize.
So then the two begin their journey.
With uncertain idea on how they will change the earth
Or when, where and how they start
Their small minds are now enough.
Barry said he will use his hand to merge all separate Islands
Joey with brave said he will sniff the wind so that they will have control
But suddenly the two argue, who will change the water's hue?
And an unbroken silence made until evening
Afterwards when Barry got bored he decide to rest at the wild of wondering
Joey then agrees that they need to meditate under a tall tree.
At the middle of the night Joey fall asleep
And at his dream he is in front of a talking sheep
Joey, Joey, Joey the sheep said
I'm the answer of all the questions you had
Then as the sheep said, Joey ask how to change the earth
The sheep scratch his head and act like sleepy
And he hear a sound " Wake up Joey"
Then cut his dreams and wake.
When Joey is in his consciousness
The two become happy and amaze
" A falling pieces of water" shouting
When at that moment a voice up above roar
They stop and kneel, trembling of fear
And then a fast, razor and terrible light strike a piece of wood.
After striking the wood, it becomes shiny, that can create a light
Barry becomes greedy and grabs the wood very tight
Then he realize that he hurts so he throw it in a grassy surface of land
While Joey begging the earth to strike him also
Later a savor of tasty object passes on their nose
And they see the grass are burning, so they come close
They taste the grass and they satisfy
And they called the light a " Fire"
When the fire fades
The two becomes sad
So they go back home, and conclude it's hard to change the earth or inverse
The two leave a promise on one other, that tomorrow morning they will meet and try to change the universe………
aldrich suarez

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