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  • Mohammad Skati (8/23/2014 3:28:00 PM) Post reply Stage

    The pretty sea swims in its waters, It combs its waves to make them curled, It evaporates, then clouds are made over its head, ............... This is the pretty sea in its beauty and even in its moodiness........................... ???? ????? ?? ???? - ???? ?????? ??????? ????? - ????? ????? ????? ????? ??? ???? - ??? ?? ????? ?? ????? ? ??? ?? ???????...

  • Mohammad Skati (8/22/2014 4:39:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    There a lot of free websites for writing stories, novels, short stories, poetry, ......................., so please check these websites like Figment. Thanks.

  • Gangadharan Nair Pulingat (6/28/2014 10:47:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    A poet is not an isolated personality. He is a person of the community and such social obligations. And participating in debates, writing essays and articles of social relevance is a good thing to an individual for making the world more beautiful through valued ideas and objections to the injustices, and go through the world events that I feel.

  • Manauwer Raza (4/26/2014 1:11:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply Stage

    Happiness is in the Detail:

    For most of my life, people have been telling me that it’s all about the big picture. It was only very recently that I realized that they were all wrong.
    You see, big pictures are made up of a thousand details and if you ignore them, you ignore life. Life is but a very beautiful picture, if we take up all these small details and wind them up in our frame.

    Often, we focus on the destination or the outcome and fail to take care of the detail.
    It’s like spending your time dreaming of that lifetime vacation without ever having a plan of how you are going to get there. A vacation where you walk beside the most beautiful person, you ever knew, talking to him/her, sharing these little details and speaking up your mind. Its when, the sun shines down your legs, there is a little perspiring drop on your neck, but you care not to wipe it, for you are so lost in these small talks, sharing the vacation of a lifetime.

    AND HAPPINESS, it’s more profound than that.

    It was this day that I realized, the mere meaning of my happiness.
    An early prayer of SALAT, devoted to the Almighty, when the sky was about to get crimson, and the twilight just fade. Looking up to the skies, a swift breeze touched my face and there wast his smile on my face. I thought back of a sweetheart and a simple reminder of her beautiful words, " TUM AISE HI NAH RAH SAKTE" made me smile to my fullest.
    I left my apartment in the morning much happier, I had seen the bright, crazy and beautiful smile of my roommate IRFAN. But the profound realization was that sometimes I left too early and missed his inspiring smile. No, it was the realization that the space that would have been filled with sadness was now filled with happiness and joy.

    This started me on a simple task: to make a list of the things that make me happy and the things I could achieve this day to bring in the passion and excitement to my life.
    It was on this list that I found my smile - but also some fruit juice in my breakfast menu! ! !

    And saying, “I love you forever, ” on the phone to my mum and hear her choke up a little because she never expects me calling her frequently and a note such as this, something far more unexpected.
    Hearing her say back to me that I will always be her little boy and how she remembers putting an extra spoon of sugar in my bowl of milk. You can only imagine, the gust of emotions I would have felt, missing her, hundred miles apart from home.

    What else did I find on that list?
    Recognition, feeling worthy, making progress, loving and being loved. Saying " Thank You" , whenever possible, never having to say " Sorry" .
    Those are more complex details but nonetheless, they are details in the big picture of HAPPINESS.

    I left my room, in search of this HAPPINESS and found it was just waiting outside, in people, who are too involved in their lives, that they don't get the time to celebrate their existence. So, I started a small campaign that at least, this day I would share my HUGs to them, who are in need of them. Starting with acquaintances, my downstairs fruit vendor, a little further, the ever smiling Biryani seller, and DHARAM Bhai, whose PARATHE makes up for most of my breakfast menu.
    There was this certain realization that each and every HUG that I gave, brought me more close to ME, and HAPPINESS, " YES" , I was feeling it, in them, in their eyes, in their smiles.

    A couple of hour walk, found me roaming the busy streets of JULENA, and me searching hope in everyone, A small girl walking past me with her pony tail, the old man waiting at the bus stop and adjusting what were the last of his hairs on his head. A cyclist, whistling, and lost in his own little world, Oh yes! ! ! I was searching for this. Searching for the smallest details, which I always missed.
    I came back room and worked on the list and wasn't really able to make anything out of it. But I tried and found FLOWERS and CHOCOLATES are one of them things, bringing you the perfect sense of HAPPINESS.

    Just as planned, I went to the FLORIST and bought me, a couple of bouquet, fresh crimson rose and the lilac blooming flowers, with I don't know what leaves, I had them. And waited outside HOLY FAMILY Hospital, just to buy me few more of smiles. And I waited. A couple of minute wait had me an elderly couple waiting on me and I knew they were happy; the gleam in their eyes was worth every anticipation. I handed over them the bouquet and in return got a blessing of a lifelong and healthy life. I never knew, flowers would bought me such blessings, HAPPINESS was in a combo pack today (:

    The next I remember me, was in JAMIA college where I met, endearing SANA Appi, ever smiling VIBHA Ji and the girl with the most beautiful eyes KHUSHBOO. I tried to work on my list again and handed over them their share of happiness in the form of chocolates. And man, they were happy. So was I.

    So far, my list has over six things on it that make me happy but the list is still growing.
    The list of things that make me sad or anxious is shorter because most of them would be the absence of what makes me happy so there’s no point in listing them out.

    And my list took me to the next place: to ensure that every single day, I was focused on the detail of happiness, adding those moments in increasing quantity to my life.
    Then, subtracting the details that make me sad or anxious. And that means never missing the infectious smile on my face in the morning - even if I am late for me meeting me.

    This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t step back once in a while to survey the horizon.
    But when we think about all the things we should be thankful for, we cannot miss the reality that they are all details.

    Just as the devil is in the detail, so too is joy and happiness. If you take care of the details, the big picture will take care of itself.

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  • Herbert Guitang (4/26/2014 5:53:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    Haiku form- 5 syllables- 7 - 5

    Facebook (Haiku)

    Add, Confirm, Delete
    Chat, Like, Comment, Unfriend, Blocked
    Friends – 0, MUTUAL- 1 (You)

  • Coco Soup (4/10/2014 2:36:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    More and more parents buy their children a toy, but have you ever thought about that why they buy a toy?It’s really benefitable to their children.

    First, a toy helps children to learn to speak. You may notice that when playing with toys, children chat with them, even though nobody can understand what they say. However, it is the chat that can help children how to speak his mother tongue. With some help from the parents, the skills of using a language can develop fast.

    Then, a toy helps children to learn the world around him or her. To some extent, a toy is something fresh to a little tiny. The colorful designs and the soft touches of the toys can stir their sight, auditory sense and touch sense.

    Maybe stuffed dinosaur presents ( to children can teach them a lesson of how to accept others.

  • John Brown (11/9/2013 2:49:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply Stage

    Hello everyone (anyone) . It's my first post on this forum. I have lots of poems on the site, but wondered if it is acceptable to post a (very) short story here in the forum. Any advice would be welcome.

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    • Robert Graber (4/15/2014 11:12:00 AM) Post reply Stage

      Hi, John. Thanks very much indeed for commenting on Uncle Ikey's Last Words #26!

  • Pedro Andres Rodriguez (11/6/2013 10:35:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    New Dawn

    I dreamt of you last night, best one in ages. We walked along a country road in autumn holding hands, enjoying each other and the gift of life. On that day, we built a bridge, an unbreakable bond, that made us one. At the edge of a dry stream, with the morning sun beaming upon us, I pledged my love and everything I own; to hold you for a day. I woke with a gleaming smile knowing dreams are not the realm of happiness, that it lives in us waiting to emerge like a new dawn. You are my new dawn.

    Pedro Andres Rodriguez

  • Calvin Curdle (11/2/2013 11:10:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    I am working on a verse story which is not complete yet. What I want is some comments or advice to make it more appealing. So I am posting it here in a form of series. Enjoy.



    I knocked on the counter in threes
    Once, twice, thrice
    And turned
    Inward the bar was quiet
    Dark and lifeless.
    The benches were dead.
    I heard footsteps
    I turned.
    It was a boy about ten.
    Can I have a bottle please.

    We have closed.

    A friend is celebrating his birthday.
    I want to suprise him.

    The time is ten. We have closed.

    I am just one person.
    I am buying a bottle. It would not take long.

    My mother would be back soon.
    I will sleep with marks if she meet me selling.

    His expressions especially the face was begging
    But the bottle I also needed.

    I can't help you.

    He turned, living, but
    Grab! I had his arm in my hand.
    He looked. Suprise
    Spelt his eyes.
    I know what to do.
    Wait. What is your name?


    In hand bag,
    My hand ransacked
    And pulled
    A red note.
    I pressed the note into his hand
    I folded that hand.
    Please get me that bottle.
    Two forces battled in the boy
    I could feel it
    As his eyes stared.
    I kept looking into his eyes.


    Thank you.

    What do you want?

    One of the strongest you have got.

    Which one. They are many strongs.

    You choose for me.
    I saw him dissappear
    In the dark ahead.
    And as I stared I was lost to the present and found in the


    I was resting my body since lectures wrere over.
    The time struck 8: 30 pm. Feeling quite bored,
    I decided to see Frank. He stayed not on campus.
    It was a matter of foot works and not vehicle wheels.
    So I sneaked like a snake from my room and into
    The lighted town.
    By 30 min time I was on Frank's compound.
    Good evening.

    (Tenant {Woman})

    Please is Frank in?


    Thank you.
    The house I invaded and climbed upstairs.
    I knocked the door in quick threes.
    Once, I waited, waited, waited
    Twice, waited and waited
    Thrice I waited.
    If Frank must be asleep these should wake him up!
    Or, What is happening?
    Click, click, click
    How can I help you?

  • Manohar Bhatia (8/31/2013 8:43:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    I have a plan and manuscripts ready to start a poetry quotation quiz.Here sentences of past great poets/writers/authors are picked up from old books of say 100 years and put before the readers with one additional word anywhere in that sentence.Quizes of 7 or more quotations can be started with a 15 day period for solving the correct word of the poet as written in his book. Solutions with full sources of that quotation will be given on the 16th day.At present these competitions will be free, but later prizes can be offered. Ineed partners to run this exciting competitions, where some of the greatest thought provoking quotes will be on display.Please reply.

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