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81. Sweven 9/5/2014
82. The Colder The Winter The Warmer The Spring 2/5/2014
83. The Cuckoo That Couldn't 8/20/2011
84. The Gravity Of Gravity 8/18/2011
85. The Massacre 10/17/2011
86. The Sea And I 4/13/2013
87. To Music 10/17/2011
88. Topknot Pearl 11/30/2015
89. Tripping The Light Fantastic 4/13/2016
90. Troll Song 3/10/2012
91. Tycho Remnant Tickles The Fancy 5/23/2016
92. Unless 10/1/2011
93. Vagrant Child 11/13/2015
94. Water, Water 10/23/2014
95. Whirligig 5/9/2014
96. Willed Words 3/18/2016
97. You And I 5/7/2013
98. Youth Is Wasted On The Young 6/19/2015
99. Yuletide Double Dactyl 12/25/2014
Best Poem of Harley White

The Gravity Of Gravity

Gravity keeps our feet on the ground,
Stops us from slapdash flying around.
This force of attraction ‘fictitious’ gives weight
And makes all fall down at equivalent rate.

(Albeit in flights of fancy it seems
That gravity follows the laws of dreams.)

Relativity caused Newton’s view to shatter,
In positing spacetime to be curved by matter.
So objects will take a particular path
That must correspond with Einsteinian math.

(The upshot is bodies have odysseys
Appropriate to their geodesies.)

Gravitons, a gravitational source
Of ...

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M-Theory Musings

What theory unifies forces, weak, strong,
With gravity— also, to which belong
All the string theories of why and because?
To answer these queries, M-theory does.

Proponents aver it offers clarity
As to the issue of singularity.—
Where there's a will there's a way,
So they say...

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