Treasure Island

Howard Nemerov

(29 February 1920 ā€“ 5 July 1991 / New York City, New York)

Poems of Howard Nemerov

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46. Walking the Dog 1/3/2003
47. Witnessing the Launch of the Shuttle Atlantis 5/3/2012
48. Writing 4/15/2010
49. Young Woman 4/15/2010

A Spell before Winter

After the red leaf and the gold have gone,
Brought down by the wind, then by hammering rain
Bruised and discolored, when October's flame
Goes blue to guttering in the cusp, this land
Sinks deeper into silence, darker into shade.
There is a knowledge in the look of things,
The old hills hunch before the north wind blows.

Now I can see certain simplicities

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