Jeff Fleischer

(10/10/69 / Louisville, Kentucky)

Poems of Jeff Fleischer

121. Since Our Love Has Stopped 12/28/2006
122. So Many Tears I've Shed 9/27/2006
123. Symphony Of Nature 9/1/2006
124. Tears On The Subway 8/30/2006
125. Ten Pirates Were On A Ship At Sea 5/16/2007
126. The Days And Nights Go By 1/8/2007
127. The Eagle 9/1/2006
128. The Flag Bearer 1/2/2007
129. The Human Spirit Will Never Die 9/1/2006
130. The Jungle 9/20/2006
131. The King's Coronation 9/6/2006
132. The Light Of My Life Has Disappeared 1/4/2007
133. The Mime 9/27/2006
134. The Ocean 9/1/2006
135. The One I've Lost 1/8/2007
136. The Path Of Righteousness 9/27/2006
137. The Playground 9/27/2006
138. The Rainbow 9/27/2006
139. The Sage Hunter 8/28/2006
140. The Sea 9/3/2006

There Is Always Hope

There are times when I feel sad and frustrated.
Life is not working out the say I want it to be.
I am feeling low instead of high.
The sky is a dark cloud hanging over my head.
I spend my spare time feeling sorry for myself.
Then, all of the sudden, I stop feeling sad.
I start to feel better and think that life is not so terrible.
The sky looks cloud free and light blue.
I no longer feel sorry for myself.

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