Louis Untermeyer

(1885-1977 / United States)

Louis Untermeyer Poems

1. A Side Street 4/16/2010
2. Ash Wednesday 4/16/2010
3. Challenge 4/16/2010
4. End Of The Comedy 4/16/2010
5. Eve Speaks 4/16/2010
6. Faith 4/16/2010
7. Feuerzauber 1/4/2003
8. How Much Of Godhood 1/4/2003
9. Infidelity 4/16/2010
10. Inhibited 4/16/2010
11. Irony 4/16/2010
12. Ivory And Rose 4/16/2010
13. Koheleth 4/16/2010
14. Landscapes 4/16/2010
15. Magic 4/16/2010
16. Mockery 1/4/2003
17. On The Birth Of A Child 4/16/2010
18. Only Of Thee And Me 4/16/2010
19. Portrait Of A Machine 4/16/2010
20. Prayer 4/16/2010
21. Prayer For This House 4/16/2010
22. Questions At Night 4/16/2010
23. Rainbow’s End 4/16/2010
24. Reveille 1/4/2003
25. Summer Storm 4/16/2010
26. Summons 4/16/2010
27. The Dark Chamber 4/16/2010
28. The Laughers 4/16/2010
29. The Victory Of The Beet-Fields 4/16/2010
Best Poem of Louis Untermeyer


You have not conquered me—it is the surge
Of love itself that beats against my will;
It is the sting of conflict, the old urge
That calls me still.

It is not you I love—it is the form
And shadow of all lovers who have died
That gives you all the freshness of a warm
And unfamiliar bride.

It is your name I breathe, your hands I seek;
It will be you when you are gone.
And yet the dream, the name I never speak,
Is that that lures me on.

It is the golden summons, the bright wave
Of banners calling me anew;
It is all beauty, ...

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What sudden bugle calls us in the night
   And wakes us from a dream that we had shaped;
Flinging us sharply up against a fight
   We thought we had escaped.

It is no easy waking, and we win
   No final peace; our victories are few.
But still imperative forces pull us in
   And sweep us somehow through.

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