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  • (6/3/2006 6:48:00 AM)

    a unique and cleverly written poem...your word choice, flow and powerful delivery made this worth a 10 in my book...i loved this piece!

  • (5/29/2006 7:05:00 PM)

    very unique one from you and definitely thought-provoking which is often the case in your work...really enjoyed this poem!

  • POEM: ~Why Can't I Be Happy? ~ by Mary Nagy (5/29/2006 6:29:00 PM)

    a sad and moving poem...the flow was wonderful and i really felt the emotion in this one which is one of the things i love in your poetry...very nicely done!

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  • Faith Elizabeth Brigham (5/9/2006 5:39:00 AM) Post reply

    I personally feel and this is only my opinion, of course, that true inspiration comes when we set our egos aside and just let the words flow. There was one brief period inmy life when it seemed as though I was unable to write anything at all. I believe the major hindrance came from a battle with my ego. I later learned the secrets of writing good poetry. Let your spirit guide you, write from the heart and believe in yourself! Lastly, never force your writing because it will show in your work. Oh, and before I forget it, always remember Rule #1. Write! Write! Write! Make time to write. It's alot like playing the piano. The more you practice the better you get at it!

  • Faith Elizabeth Brigham (11/7/2004 7:33:00 PM) Post reply

    Dave-For being as young as you are you have a lot of wisdom...when it comes to form i admit i am a bit oba rebel...i studied the works of some of the great poets...some i liked and some i disliked...i'd like to say if you exchanged the word form for style...yes, it is not a good thing to copy someone elses style...i did a lot of experimental stuff in my younger days but once i matured, i discovered, i did in fact end up with my own style...i have found that when i set my ego aside and let my passion guide me, i write my best...

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