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  • Ben Gieske (7/12/2009 6:24:00 PM) Post reply

    This poem has certainly stirred up quite a bit of discussion. It’s always interesting for me to find out what others think about poetry or a certain poem or poet. I conclude that each has his/her own definitions and personal tastes and I think that is unavoidable. I am thankful that there are so many poets, kinds of poetry, and so much poetry. I can pick and chose and find many wonderful and satisfying poems to read.

    I seems to me that all of our discussion revolves around four questions, at least but probably more: What is poetry? What is good poetry? Why do we read poetry? And Why do we write poems? We will probably never agree with all the answers. If we are going to make any progress towards a mutual understanding we should first answer all the questions and then proceed from there knowing the reasons for agreement/disagreement. Or a better way to put it, reasons for our different viewpoints and opinions. I like to think of it as exploration. I don’t accept that these have to be troubling. It is all a question of looking, seeing, tasting, finding, and many more things. There seems to be no definite end to what can be seen and how to look even if we are looking at “nothing” when it is not named. To me this poem of Strands seems to refer to things not named. Thanks to all who are participating. We experience and benefit from sharing. Ben

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