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  • POEM: On Art Pieces Of Arabic Calligraphy! by Shahzia Batool (3/24/2014 8:30:00 PM)

    Book religion galore with the Abrahamic confilcts- -Aharabic- ]Aramaic- -]Rabbinic- -]so on.I love from those the Ottoman Calligraphy that vastly influenced Arab ones.

  • POEM: On Life! by Shahzia Batool (3/24/2014 8:24:00 PM)

    Words of a teacher as always....I remember back school days as also universities- -teachers and professors somehow share your three-liner.Teachers do not finance students.For me though it is/were another.The battlefield enemies were teachers themselves and so the playground they made increasingly difficult.When I faltered steps because of lack of guidance and finance the problem-they do not and did not help the way they should for respect.Instead they went on like stray cats- -wherever money students they were there.So they were basically professionals who took to teaching.Not teachers like Chanakya, Jesus or Mohammad or Lord Krishna.

    So made it all alone good.And in the end they came and clicked photos with me to give me a feeling that my astounding grades are only because of their guidances.Thats how life taught about people and specially teachers who had been cold war enemies most of the time.

    Great write though.Impelled me to get back on those strides and the self-propelling mind to take on challenges in life.

  • POEM: None can own the skies! by Shahzia Batool (2/22/2014 6:01:00 PM)

    Well penned.For the time being US owns the skies of Afghanistan and Pakistan.They bought it dunno for how much costs.The other skies are preparing to beat falcons because China, Iran and Russia does not want any more Pakistan from their lands.They learned Indian and Soviet lessons through times and also thorugh Iraq-Irans islamic brotherhood of 1980-88 that killed 2,5 million Iranians itself from western supplies to Iraq.

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  • Allemagne Roßmann (11/7/2013 6:08:00 AM) Post reply

    Your Name: Amit Ray

    Title of Poem: In Sunderbans

    The Body of the Poem:

    In Sunderbans where tigers roar
    Mangroves dense vast surroundings explore
    Black stripes sniffed on orange flesh
    for succour where to- ever his grouses justified refesh
    Danger lurks cautiously guarding his lair, mother Nature in furore!

    A timid deer`s gossamer dreams in his patient mouth
    That`s how the law defined-somebody`s sunrise and somebody else`s sunset so couth
    A second day fuel with a succulent buffalo, a third day duel with a crocodile in nesh
    In Sunderbans

    There lies in silence a bigger score
    A honey farmer in the death row he tore
    He picked up a quarrel with the busy bees in their mesh
    A new day musing with new enemies afresh
    And now a village trail along the Matla river, a new taste flick with albacore
    In Sunderbans

    N.B. Poetry form is English Rondeau.

  • Allemagne Roßmann (10/31/2013 6:53:00 PM) Post reply

    Not seeing any October contest template but people are asking to vote for the poems

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