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  • Allan james Saywell (6/25/2013 3:38:00 AM) Post reply

    Being A Woman Poet

    Lately I've been ridden with guilt
    Not so long ago, well since the transition
    Well since the operation
    Well I used to wake up and give it a scratch
    But now I lay in bed stretching
    This way and that, preening myself
    Now when I go down to the shops
    I sway when i walk, I pout
    Especially when my lippy goes on
    Being a woman poet hasn't been easy you know
    There has been a price
    I'll catch you later darlings

    Published February 03,2012


  • Allan james Saywell (6/23/2013 8:30:00 PM) Post reply

    A Still Life IN Profile

    The picture was a profile
    He touched her cheek
    Stroked her hair
    She never stopped smiling
    Her youth shone out
    From eyes so kind
    Two decades and some
    His heart filled with joy
    Just to see her again
    For one last time
    If only in cyber -space
    If only on line

    Published November 15,2012


  • Allan james Saywell (6/23/2013 4:24:00 PM) Post reply

    Two Poets

    The tall distingued looking Gentleman
    With his tropical attire, spoke in a soft voice
    He said, are you Állan Saywell'
    I said you be, Herbert Nehrlich'
    We shook hands outside a Russian Delicatessen
    Then we preceded to a place
    Where we could share a cold beer
    And a two hour conversation
    That went far too quickly
    Earlier we must have passed each other
    A number of times, for I was looking for a man
    With a stethoscope, in a Safari suit
    He was looking for a man
    In a wool sheepskin jumpsuit, with Crocodile ties
    Instead he found a man, who looked like a white Mohican
    With a Mohican haircut, without feathers
    We drank our two cold ones
    Discussed wine women and poetry
    Exchanged gifts and promised to meet again
    In the heat of the Tweed Valley
    Sometime around Christmas

    DECEMBER 2005


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