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  • (9/28/2012 7:08:00 PM)

    I love it... a seemingly simple composition whose latent complexity lies in the perfect cadence of the poem- not to mention the symbolism that is inherently attached to both light (representing truth) and stars (representing 'the messengers of truth') . The form itself is reminiscent to me of anacreontic poetry.

    ... my two favorite lines: Show worlds we can't see (the Transcendental) and Is passion and strife (which reminds me of Heraclitus and his ontological perspective of existence) .

    Well done, poet...

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  • John May (9/28/2012 12:08:00 PM) Post reply

    Hello, Gwenevere Cornwell... I accept your challenge. I have a poem for you that meets your guidelines- it's called Memphis, and it's about a childhood memory I had when the sun came out and warmed the air and melted the snow all around my neighborhood. Hope you like it.


    I walked (eleven-ish or so)
    A kid amid blue snow and slush,
    When lo! that golden orb aglow
    Ascending made the blue-air blush!

    A sense of summer lingered there
    Where light and heat on snow prevailed,
    And in the drainage waters clear
    A thousand tiny glaciers sailed.

    I walked on water (melted snow) ,
    Saw sunlight shimm'ring at my feet-
    A million glinting diamonds glowed
    Like Pleiades upon the street.

    And high above, beyond my view,
    Benevolence was glowing bright-
    It bid the winter fair adieu
    And clad the world in summer light.

    O would that I could there return
    And wade those gutter-waters fair,
    Tread snow and slush where sunbeams burn
    And clear by Love the chilly air.

    Until then, ah, and truth be told,
    Let cold and winter here descend-
    For that young boy, who now is old,
    Has in that golden orb a friend.

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