Niki Nicholas Nkuna

Rookie - 23 Points (1957/01/09 / BURGERSFORT (Leeufallei farm or Ga- Makwakwasi))

Niki Nicholas Nkuna Poems

121. Not Because It Had Soft Hands * 10/18/2013
122. On The Knowing Side Of Things To Happen 5/14/2013
123. Only God Knows 5/14/2013
124. Otiose 1/28/2014
125. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind, Out Of Concern And Caring 1/28/2014
126. Pain 1/28/2014
127. Pie In The Sky * 10/18/2013
128. Pieces Of Lust 1/28/2014
129. Playing The No Fear Game 3/15/2012
130. Ploughing The Field 10/18/2013
131. Plunge 1/28/2014
132. Potent Knowledge 1/28/2014
133. Pride 6/24/2014
134. Puberty 6/24/2014
135. Questions I’m Afraid To Answer! 10/18/2013
136. Rage 10/18/2013
137. Red Blot In My Biography 10/18/2013
138. Regret 2/13/2012
139. Sane Voices 5/14/2013
140. Saturday 10/18/2013
141. Scared Of One Side Of Their Being * 10/18/2013
142. Secrets Are Alive 3/28/2012
143. Slough 1/28/2014
144. Smudge Of The Stupid Things Said And Done * 10/18/2013
145. Snake In The Grass * 10/18/2013
146. Song Of The Guitar String 1/28/2014
147. Speeding To Catch The Mist 4/17/2012
148. Stamp Of Presence 9/2/2013
149. Sting Was Slant 1/28/2014
150. Stooges 2/15/2012
151. Streams Of Rivers 2/14/2012
152. Striving For The Comfort Line * 10/18/2013
153. Summer Time In South Africa 3/27/2012
154. Superstition 6/24/2014
155. Taken For A Ride 1/28/2014
156. Team 1/28/2014
157. The Bitter End 2/15/2012
158. The Bullet That Knows The Truth * 10/18/2013
159. The Bus Shelter Called Black And White 1/28/2014
160. The Colossus 12/17/2013
Best Poem of Niki Nicholas Nkuna

Going In And Out Empty Handed

Everything provided for in the game
Equally true for the battle of the earth
All things bright and beautiful,
big and small, tall and short
Ready for the taking

Looking up seeing the stars, bright and beautiful
Looking down seeing the earth, dressed to the nines
With all things bright and beautiful
The ugly dominated by the shadows
Only to brighten up by the bright of day
With nothing changed but very true to origin

Time to sow and reap wide like the goal posts
All roads leading to Rome in the picking
But the race measured by will and ...

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The Force Of Gravity

The battle against the force of gravity is an exercise in futility,
A win is temporary or is a fluke,
Opinionated people have constantly hit against the brick wall,
Highly intelligent boffins have designed instruments of high precision,
In the quest to defeat the force of gravity to no avail,
The battle against the force of gravity is an exercise in futility,

Nobody is able to suspend or sustain logic in the air,
Ask Louis Armstrong and a succession of others, who built a nest in

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