novoti gcisakazi Calpurnia jiya

Freshman - 510 Points [Ntanana] (16 April 1994 / Taleni)

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53. Witchcraft 6/19/2013
54. Women 1/10/2013
55. You Say You Love Me 5/4/2013
56. You'Ve Messed Up My Life 1/10/2013
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The Choice

We can live together
We can sing together
We can dance together
But what i know is that we can't sacrifies together.

It's so lovely when sky is the limit
It's feels so good when we both laugh and having a good time
I know laughing with me doesn't mean you mine forever
Staying with me doesn't mean you mine forever
Holding my hand doesn't mean you can never let go
Because love is all about choices.

The choices we make doesn't mean we going to be Romeo and Juliet
The word love nowadays has lost it's meaning
How can you hurt me
How can you make me ...

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Remember Me

When you far When you need a shoulder to cry on When you need my help i wil be there When you can't tell me on a daily basis that you love me Remember me Always remember me when you need to be held by a hand Always remember that my ears are always open to hear anything that comes out of your mouth Always remember that i will be here when you need m

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