Oskar Hansen

Oskar Hansen Poems

121. A Reminder 8/20/2012
122. A Sad Affair In India 1/22/2013
123. A Sea Bird 3/4/2016
124. A Sea Dirge 3/16/2013
125. A Shadorma Poem 1/6/2012
126. A Shanty 5/4/2009
127. A Sigh (Tanka) 9/7/2009
128. A Slum Outside Paris 8/15/2015
129. A Small World 11/22/2016
130. A Smaller Poem 9/20/2016
131. A Sonnet (San Suu Kyu) 8/11/2009
132. A Stone Wall 4/27/2016
133. A Story Of The Unsung 3/26/2013
134. A Sudden Second Sight 7/11/2013
135. A Summer 4/24/2012
136. A Summer Night 7/19/2009
137. A Summer Remembered 7/16/2015
138. A Tale Never Told 10/19/2011
139. A Tin Of Sardines 7/27/2010
140. A Tough Cookie 3/17/2015
141. A Truely Norwegian Poem 5/18/2009
142. A Tv Star 10/14/2012
143. A Verse For You 9/26/2011
144. A Verse Of Sexual Nature 12/19/2010
145. A Village 7/16/2009
146. A Village In Iberia 8/23/2009
147. A Way 4/1/2009
148. A Weepy 6/9/2010
149. A Winter Memory 12/22/2010
150. A Winter`s Tale 1/27/2016
151. A Winter`s Tale 2 1/27/2016
152. A Woman In Palestine 7/29/2016
153. A Woman´s World 10/15/2012
154. A Woman's Man 1/17/2015
155. Abike Memory 4/5/2012
156. Abortion 1 12/11/2014
157. About Candles 7/1/2010
158. Absolute Faith 2/23/2016
159. Accident Prone 11/5/2012
160. Acidic Sea 5/8/2009
Best Poem of Oskar Hansen

...And It Was Her Summer

…And It Was Her Summer

“Go back to the children’s home, she said I have no work and
can’t afford to keep you” Late June afternoon she sat on a bench
with a man I didn’t know. The man smiled I didn’t like him, but
took the coins he gave me to buy an ice –cream for; I was still
hanging about so mother got up and slapped me across the face.
”Get lost you stupid boy! ” My face was burning I threw the coins
into the lake and ran away. When I stopped running it was night
and I could see sheep in a field, I was tired and cold, thought of
seeking shelter in a...

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The Visit

The Visit

Mother and I went to visit her uncle and his family
Who lived in the outskirt of the town, we took the bus
No five which took us to the posher part of the city.
Mother`s uncle was a foreman at and small abattoir
His speciality was the killing of sheep
When he came home the whole family, they had two children
Ate dinner in the kitchen, mother and I sat in the living room

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