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281. Truth And Experience 2/26/2015
282. Truth And Poetry 2/20/2015
283. Two Sphinxes 10/6/2011
284. Unruly Dragon In Porcelain Equilibrium 6/13/2012
285. Until We Meet Again 10/5/2011
286. Using Art And Science 10/7/2011
287. Valentine's Day 10/1/2011
288. Valium 2/14/2014
289. Vanilla Gate 10/12/2011
290. Venus And Candor 9/29/2011
291. Vernacular Painting 3/14/2013
292. Viceroy And Monarch 11/8/2014
293. Voyage Around The Square Root Of Minus One 6/18/2012
294. War Memories With Acrostic 6/27/2012
295. Weeds And Hyacinths 10/1/2011
296. What Dante Told Me 12/5/2012
297. What Is Love? 12/22/2012
298. When Is A Painting Finished? 11/26/2011
299. When Will The Messiah Come? 10/17/2014
300. Where Do Circles Grow? 10/16/2014
301. Which Comes First? 5/4/2015
302. Whispering Forest 10/2/2011
303. Whose Life Is Worth More? 5/20/2012
304. Why Tears My Love? 10/8/2011
305. Why The Snow Melts 10/12/2012
306. Woman With Train 10/1/2011
307. Women Change, But Men Don'T? 2/23/2013
308. You Are Not The Wind 10/5/2011
309. You Must Be Strong 2/23/2014
Best Poem of Paul Hartal

Democracy Vs. Dictatorship

The kangaroo ordered an orange juice.
The crocodile preferred a cup of coffee.
Holding the Party Paper, Edition Zoo,
The hyena opted for his downy dream,
A white vanilla ice cream.

“The president is corrupt and wicked
And his whole bungling government,
Is reprobate and totally incompetent.
They should resign without delay”,
Said the kangaroo.

“Well, perhaps he exaggerated,
But as long ago Voltaire stated,
'I disagree with what you say,
But I will defend to the death your right
To say it’”, uttered the crocodile.

“Although it seems...

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My Life

My life is a Corinthian acanthus leaf
On an intricately carved classic column
Enchanted pellucid palace
Silent opaque sandglass
On an amethyst shelf
Byzantine transition
From circle to sphere.

My works are gothic objects

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