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41. The Women Of China 10/5/2011
42. The Winter Talks To The Spring 5/20/2012
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44. The Unknown D-Day 3/12/2015
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46. The Truth About Flying Horses 12/15/2014
47. The Theory 9/2/2013
48. The Test Of Love 10/9/2011
49. The Sunset Splashes 10/4/2011
50. The Source (Haiku) 7/2/2013
51. The Sobbing God 10/9/2011
52. The Silence Of Love 9/30/2011
53. The Silence Of Jesus 3/13/2015
54. The Seven Shortest Poems In The World 10/12/2011
55. The Secret Of The Universe 8/2/2014
56. The Searcher 10/4/2011
57. The Science Of Freedom 10/6/2011
58. The Savior Of Mothers 1/30/2014
59. The Royal Air Force Hero And The Luftwaffe General 10/15/2011
60. The Road (Haiku) 7/3/2013
61. The River Of Permanence 4/27/2012
62. The Restaurant Keeper 11/13/2011
63. The Poetry Of Physics 3/25/2015
64. The Phosphorus Bomb 2/12/2013
65. The Philosopher’s True Scotsman 10/12/2011
66. The Phantom Of Time 11/28/2012
67. The Origin Of Creation 1/3/2015
68. The Optimistic Cucumber 4/27/2012
69. The Novice 2/23/2015
70. The Most Powerful Words 9/24/2014
71. The Moon Remembers The Astronauts 10/4/2011
72. The Mix-Up 10/10/2011
73. The Miracle Of The One Edged Loop 5/15/2014
74. The Miracle Of The Big Bang 9/7/2014
75. The Messiah In Strasshof 10/6/2011
76. The Man Whose Name Was A Poem 3/17/2015
77. The Magician Who Predicted The Future 2/24/2013
78. The Kiss 10/1/2011
79. The Illusion Of Gravity 10/10/2011
80. The Hiding God 10/1/2011
Best Poem of Paul Hartal

Oranges And Grapes

Oranges and grapes refuse to grow in the cold.
Today I sing and dance, refuse to grow old.
Yet all the same, time is tyrant and ruthless,
Unfolds my wrinkling years, it is relentless.

Now and then the lots seem to be gentle and kind,
But alloyed with fate the somnambulist is blind.
Luck and fortuity might act as a soubrette,
Life spins our fate like roulette in a film set.

Still, let us drink to life, celebrate, and be glad,
Let us sing and dance today, refuse to be sad.
Oranges and grapes do not grow in the cold,
A warm wind ties ribbons to maple ...

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Let me remember old trails
Let me weep over lost loves
They are all the same love
But different

Let me remember old trails
Cherry trees along muddy roads
And ancient obelisks
They are now so different

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