Percy Bysshe Shelley

(1792-1822 / Horsham / England)

Poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley

141. Marenghi 4/1/2010
142. Marianne's Dream 4/1/2010
143. Matilda Gathering Flowers 4/1/2010
144. May The Limner 4/1/2010
145. Melody To A Scene Of Former Times 4/1/2010
146. Methought I Was A Billow In The Crowd 4/1/2010
147. Mighty Eagle 4/1/2010
148. Mont Blanc: Lines Written in the Vale of Chamouni 1/1/2004
149. Music And Sweet Poetry 4/1/2010
150. Music, When Soft Voices Die 1/3/2003
151. Mutability 12/31/2002
152. Mutability - II. 4/1/2010
153. Night 1/4/2003
154. O That A Chariot Of Cloud Were Mine! 4/1/2010
155. O Thou Immortal Deity 4/1/2010
156. Ode To Heaven 4/1/2010
157. Ode To Liberty 4/1/2010
158. Ode to Naples 5/8/2011
159. Ode to the West Wind 1/3/2003
160. On A Faded Violet 4/1/2010


How stern are the woes of the desolate mourner
As he bends in still grief o'er the hallowed bier,
As enanguished he turns from the laugh of the scorner,
And drops to perfection's remembrance a tear;
When floods of despair down his pale cheeks are streaming,
When no blissful hope on his bosom is beaming,
Or, if lulled for a while, soon he starts from his dreaming,
And finds torn the soft ties to affection so dear.
Ah, when shall day dawn on the night of the grave,

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