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11009 - Poem by Charles Hice

They took a cart with four wheels scootered by me just to almost hit my foot they tried to run between the bus stop and the bench where eye was standing waiting for the bus just missing one that left me almost got the dust she flipped at me with her middle finger she had to knoe that eye was there she meant to make me feel bad so what she said he was not there at the stop yet this old man found and scrounge is better than a gang and take this poem is for FOUND things sarcasm is lost inside a deep dark hole I don’t want to take it with me overheard and listened to the conversation all anew again in my imprinted memory as I pen, this; ODE to rudeness, eye have been told there is NO LAW against cell phones or decent public conversations Its hard to see he is my poor brother eye keep my own needs simple and eye travel light,
And keep all of Egypt on my back, but some people need the even more security a four wheeled
Shopping –cart can afford them the demonic teachings of the classroom just
made me realize that eye would leave my education in the great wastebasket of the sky eye would learn some other thing eye would leave the classroom without thinking never embracing death and the mark of the rejection of the lord the millennium mark the 666 mark of the beast called SATAN.
Rood rud - Show Spelled Pronunciation [rood] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation,
1. a crucifix, esp. a large one at the entrance to the choir or chancel of a medieval church, often supported on a rood beam or rood screen.
2. a cross as used in crucifixion.
3. a unit of length varying locally from 51/2 to 8 yards (5 to 7 m) .
4. a unit of land measure equal to 40 square rods or 1/4 acre (0.10117 hectare) .
5. a unit of 1 square rod (25.29 sq. m) .
6. Archaic. the cross on which Christ died.
[ Origin: bef.900; ME; OE rō d pole, crucifix; c. G Rute rod, twig ] Unabridged (v 1.1)
Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc.2006.
The decadence of Society, RUDE, has finally sickened me; the only thing to do is pray to GOD to quicken me when he bumped me and all eye did was make the references to his ancestory his intentions were just nominal he wanted to survive and they think that they are GOD the man was nice until eye started to converse with him it rally hurts there feelings when eye have a less terse verse the Mexican bumped my bag and actually hit it with his arm in an effort to move it out of his way HOW ROOD is that he was in my way and no where for me to go the traffic was thick and the curb was near my foot
then the boy looked super surprised wiping the glaze out of his eyes Oh, he had surmised it He said this to the Driver “I am not even listening to you I am talking to someone on my Rude Cell Phone
and he pointed to the window with his cup so carefully held up to keep from spilling and he gestured at the man to sit somewhere else just go away eye am so rude eye am the rudest man alive today the man was trying to dominate someone that will not be ruled over by another man and so he lost his battle plan his rude was wasted then eye almost let it go but had the last word out the door One thing was certain they never even noticed me
never saw me as a person they just played out their ruminations
just giving me the benifit of their public conversation the girls talked non plussed non pulsed and non stopped they never cared for anyone but them they kept the confab going even into coffee time THAT stuff that you are wanting me to have just keep it with you and take it with you please just SHUT your mouth like that and then she left another string of profanity pointed back in my direction and the damage had been done now here's this poem.

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