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12seven - Poem by Charles Hice



In earlier accounts Paul was stoned and died and then the Church of GOD came around him and prayed the He rose and lived and preached again not risen from the dead as it were a tomb but risen from a stoning and seeming dead to them a death of stones from hitting him and this Matthias thow a different person a man much just the same as Paul and gentle reader can ewe quite imagine all the power in the stones to make a man fall down. The light from the sky was blinding him his sword useless in his hand he tried to shield his eye but fell from horse to ground crying out all the time WHO art thou LORD? Layman's terms eye heard that from the preachers down south all my life they wanted Chapters and Verses to come out of my mouth. Today eye give ewe layman's terms and remembrances as close to scripture as eye will ever go without the BIBLE in my hand. He sewed the tent with a bone needle like the Indians maidens use for where would he have gotten the money for the needed needles set at the market all long and different sized eye to add the line the fishing line from nets found on the sea shore of all the ponds in old Jeruselum? Hum? He worked with hands used to holding reigns of horse's sword hilts and bottles of better rum. He sold a tent to OMAR the man paid with the coin of the realm and he hurried to the market for a bottle of muscatel red. He grabbed some fish and loaves and paid with all he owned and went to the shade where OMAR was. Let's listen as they conversed.
OMAR: PAUL tell me why you drink so much and all alone the food is plenty too you seem to be a glutton and a winoe?
Paul: there is no need to shout at me eye am not a stoning throw away from thee the bottle was bought and paid for with the earnings from my work.
Omar: What about the food? It seems too much for one person to consume.
Paul: The ox is never muzzled in the corn while treading but reaches down and eats some.
Omar: A Christian they called you what does that mean exactly?
Paul: Eye am a preacher eye say Jesus is the Lord.
Have some fish and loaves and relate the GOOD NEWS to all your Asian friends of late it seems you dance the night away with them?
Taking a piece of bread and a fish away Omar: GOOD NEWS he says what has JESUS ever done for us we live as one of the dead and grumbling he goes away to find a daytime bed.
Paul: How hard is it for the rich to be saved? Harder than a tentmakers needle eye suppose.
There is no Sabbath day to a poor tent maker making tents and selling them on Saturday. Sew indeed we may say there remains a Sabbath day of rest to come in Heaven for the ones that still say Jesus is the Lord.

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